Sunday, November 17 2019
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Luserna - Cuneo

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Also arrives the third day of the spring championship and after a defeat with Alba and a convincing victory with Alessandria the girls of CUNEO go to the "den of the wolf" of the very fearsome age of Luserna San Giovanni.

Right from the start you understand that the opponents are very well organized and the Cuneo are unable to organize their game and produce actions worthy of note; the landlords put on show some really interesting individualities like the captain n.9, some players in the midfield and the central defender, really insuperable; for the girls of Mr. Dho, who replaces Giraudo today, there are not really any spaces forward and the goalkeeper remains absolutely inoperative; the goalkeeper, however, the good Bacigalupo, is often face to face with attacking opponents and in the second half 'of the first half must succumb well 3 times: first half 3 0 for the landlord more than deserved.
After the break the girls of Cuneo, thanks to the grooming of Paul Dho in the locker room, begin to play better and especially in midfield contrast with more successful opponents and also come a few times to shoot with Minopoli; fatigue and injuries but 'undermine the host team and then the result does not change: also begins a turnaround of changes both in the ranks of Cuneo (the Giuliano for Pelosi, exhausted by hard work, and the Viola for the Cometto), both in the ranks of the landlords, who bring home a useful result never questioned (at the end of the time the fourth network for the Luserna arrives).
Game to be forgotten quickly, hoping to find the injured, and take advantage of the next round of the season: to save the host team only the good performance of Arnaudo, who had to control a really tough opponent, and the Minopoli, which has however tried to raise the team in moments of pressure.

Cuneo training: Bacigalupo, Bertone, Giraudo, Paciocco, Pelosi, Arnaudo, Finocchiaro, Cometto, Minopoli, Colombero (CAP.), Gallinari; on the bench Viola, Giuliano, Bongioanni (injured); coach Paolo DHO, Mestriner manager.

In the photograph the goalkeeper Bacigalupo

Enrico Manassero
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