Tuesday, May 26 2020
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The spring derby goes to Juventus

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Turin - Juventus 0-3

PIANEZZA - Goes to Juventus the derby in pink between granata and bianconere, on the municipal field of Parucco a Pianezza. There were the conditions for a good match and the expectations were rewarded, at least for Juventus.

Nothing foreshadowed a collapse of the grenades after a crackling start. Perhaps a reduced number of employees who must shoulder the commitments of the first team and spring, has influenced the performance of Torino. A vehement departure from the grenades which at Rene 3 with Tordella engages Rusolo. Juventus 'answer with Barillà at the 6' and Chiavicatti at the '11', with no particular results. At 13 'fast restart Turin but Crisantino shoots high. Juventus takes over the reins of the game and begins to show itself with insistence from the parts of Verga. At the 15 ', without success, a double conclusion of the Peace network, both rejected by Verga. At the 21 'Mondino tries with a violent blow in the race that the extreme grenade sends in the corner. An incorrect disengagement of the Juventus defense at the 23 ', frees Grassino from shooting but the conclusion goes out. 27 ', the speed in the control and execution of De Voto, but the sphere ends high. Juve advantage at 40 '. The speed of Chiavicatti, the conclusion rejected, bursts into Falcone who bags. In closing, still Chiavicatti, control, "sombrero" and central blow rejected. Juventus aggressive, Turin in obvious difficulty. The pace of recovery is increasing. At the 3 'exchange Coluccio / De Voto, conclusion of the latter and deviation of Verga. At the 4 'a coast to coast by De Voto concludes with an unstoppable blow just inside the area for the bianconero doubling. At 7 'occasionissima for Crisantino but loses the moment and Rusolo free. Turin again at 11 '. Grassino does everything right except the conclusion towards the door completely empty. Al 19 'placed by 30 meters. Mondino's conclusion surprises everyone, comrades, opponents and Verga, in the occasion not very effective in the intervention. Still Juve at 27 'and at 29' with Capello, without result. We see Torino at the 30 'with a nice athletic gesture by Grassino that only yields a corner. On the developments, the ball for Rinero for a violent but central conclusion. The last thrust is black and white with Pellizzaroli but the diagonal is lost to the side slightly. Turin to be reviewed, excellent proof of the bianconere.

Acf Torino: Verga, Nigro, Cena, Sorleto (15 'st Pancaldi), Malara, Giannone, Rinero, Grassino, Tordella (12' st Seminara), Sottil, Crisantino. Coach: Manrico De Paoli.

Juventus Women's: Rusolo, Coluccio, Costanza (34 'st Stranieri), Mondino, Licari, Pace, Falcone (20' st Benatello), Barillà, De Voto (44 'st Mastroieni), Capello (37' st Antonini), Chiavicatti (26 'st Pellizzaroli). Bench: Devita, Mulè. Coach: Alessandro Bonvegna.

Referee: Richiardi di Collegno.
Networks: 40 'Falcone, 4' st De Voto, 19 'st Mondino.
Booked: Cena, Grassino and Crisantino del Torino.
Notes: land in good condition, about 60 spectators. Corner: 5-7.
Recovery: pt 1 min, st 3 min.

Giampaolo Guerrini

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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