June 11, 2015
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A doubly tennis result accompanies the ALBA in the second round which will meet the REAL MEDA next Sunday in a dry match on the court decided by the draw that will take place in the Federation in the week.

The ALBA is presented in the field with RUSSO F., BALLOCCO, LAVARONE, AMBROSI, GREPPI, GALLO, PISANO, LUCIANO, CATTANEO, MONTECUCCO, BARBERIS under the technical direction of Mr. Paolo Genovesio.
The TORINO sided with VERGA, NIGRO, SORLETO, AGHEM, MALARA, RINERO, GRASSINO, CENA, TORDELLA, SOTTIL, LUPO under the technical direction of Mr. Emanuele Padula.
The match begins with the local assaulting the defense grenade and already at the first minute the Langhe are denied a possible penalty when a defender, in the area, holds for the Montecucco jersey.
At the 4 'the Albanians took the lead with a precise header by Pisano (after returning from a long injury) on a precise cross from Barberis.
A minute passes and the former Russo neutralizes one of the few grenade raids with Grassino.
At the 10 'Luciano launches Montecucco to the net that angola too much the ball of the possible doubling.

At 14 'Silvia Pisano retrieves a ball on the front and clears a slash that sticks to the bottom corner to the left Verga.
At the 17 'Arianna Montecucco, superbly thrown into the net by Barberis, appears before Verga and stabs her into the corner for three to zero.
At the 24 'captain Luciano retrieves a ball that seemed destined for the bottom and, having missed the goalkeeper, leans against the center where Montecucco signs the personal double and the 4-0 which for the Alba means the minimum for the qualification.
Before the end of the first half Pisano and Montecucco signed the personal triplets at the 33 'and 35' and went to rest with the partial 6-0 for the Langhe.
The second half does not change the monologue and already at the 3 'of the second half Roberta Cattaneo, on an assist by Pisano, signs the 7-0 by beating the goalkeeper at the corner.
At the 11 'captain Luciano collects a cross not intercepted by the defense and deposits the 8-0 on the network.
At the 29 'Luciano doubles his personal loot and beats the innocent Verga at the corner.
Missing the scores again a hat-trick and Barbara Luciano decides to put his signature with one of "his" usual "torpedoes" from outside the area and inflates the net under the intersection: it is the 10-0.
A minute passed and Giorgia Aloi, substituted in the second half in Montecucco, kicked into the area after a drunken coil and inflated the net on the bottom corner to Verga's left.
At the end of the time, Laura Barberis embellishes her beautiful performance with an out-of-area missile that sticks at the intersection, staring at the definitive 12-0.
In the second half Eugenia Delodi took over in the second half for Francesca Ballocco, Lorenza Casetta for Silvia Pisano and Giorgia Aloi for Arianna Montecucco.
For the grenades, Traversi took over for Aghem and Crisantino per Cena.
Next Sunday the Langhe will meet the REAL MEDA in the only meeting valid for the qualification in the third round of the Italian Cup. The venue of the meeting will be decided by drawing lots as both teams played the last match of the first round at home.

Massimo Montecucco (ASD Femminile Alba press officer)

In the photographs: Silvia Pisano, Arianna Montecucco and Barbara Luciano

Montecucco Luciano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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