Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Magnani: "we are aiming for the long-dreamed series A"

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The splendid Serie B women's soccer championship of Castelvecchio ended with the consequent achievement of the fourth position in the standings. This is the right prize put in place last summer by the company of President Massimo Magnani, with courageous choices and certainly not easy, but that have turned out to be winning (like the arrival of Ugolini first, Petralia and Montanari Francesca after)

In Castelvecchio they want to continue on this track, indeed the new and ambitious goal and to bring football that counts in Savignano, a square that has always been very hot and passionate about football and its teams. The path will certainly be full of pitfalls and will teach even more to sacrifice to pursue a goal, to overcome their limits and to achieve the goals set.
It is worth bearing in mind that the creation of all this has been possible only thanks to hard work, sacrifice, the long time spent and the resources invested by all the Executives, players and collaborators who in recent years have continued and made the women's football in Savignano sul Rubicone.

A chat is a must with Massimo MAGNANI who is the long-time president of this beautiful reality called Castelvecchio, which is a district of Savignano, the team has always been connected to the parish of the district, where the Magnani lives with his family;

President the last championship you have sparked !!
-Magnani the championship just ended was the best ever where it is true that we came in fourth place but I also say, that we lost so many points, with which I think we could fight for one of the first two places;

President, do you have belligerent ideas next year?
-Magnani, I see today I look at this company as a huge yard of different ideas, energies and experiences, which are working to create a model that is efficient and functional from a technical-sporting and management point of view. I would like the name of Castelvecchio in a few years to be synonymous with quality and collaboration;

are you thinking of some purchase for the next championship?
- we are looking around and we are talking to girls / footballers who are willing to marry our program and make us make that leap ....

President, what are we aiming for?
-Magnani, are years that we participate in the various national championships, we are a healthy company and this I want to emphasize, so we would like to keep all the girls of the last season, take those two three players to be able to aim for the long-dream series "A".
Good luck dear president.

Savignano sul Rubicone 22 June 2017
Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco SCOLOZZI

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