Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Empoli in Serie A, Caterina Bargi top scorer of the group

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Sunday closed the Serie B championship of group A with the suffered but deserved victory of Empoli Ladies that is promoted in Serie A.

It was really an exciting and suspenseful championship until the last day with the Novese, which is worth the credit to have effectively opposed the Tuscan to the end, and to surrender only for a point of difference, 58 for Empoli (with 18 games won and 4 equalized) and 57 for Novese (18 wins, 3 draws and one loss).

A plaud to both companies for the wonderful championship to which they gave life.
The Tuscans also have the merit of being the team that scored the most networks (66) and also the one that has suffered less, only 11.

In third place is the Friendship Lagaccio detached from the leaders of 19 points that precedes the couple Alessandria and Ligorna with 35 points.

An excellent championship has also made the rookies in Serie B, Juventus and Lucchese attested to 30 points, follow the Molassana with 28, the Oristano to 22 and the Turin to 14.

At the end, the Caprera has had the better on Musiello Saluzzo (which recedes in series C) only on the penultimate day in the direct clash that has actually sanctioned the relegation for the Piedmontese even if the Sardinian team was the one that scored less, only 17 networks plus a table win.

The ranking of the markers was won by Caterina Bargi of Friendship Lagaccio with 22 networks in the active, followed by Arianna Montecucco with 17 networks and Natasha Carrozzo of Lucchese with 16.

Also worth mentioning are three Empoli players who have exceeded the double digits: Norma Cinotti with 14 networks tied with Deborah Soragni dell'Alessandria, Giulia Mastalli and Cecilia Prugna with 13 in equal with Erika Ponzio of Turin. The latter has marked 13 on the total 22 of the whole team.

Both the Lagaccio Friendship and the Empoli have scored as many as 12 players.

Enrico Manassero

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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