Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Alexandria - Ligorna

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Last 90 minutes played of the 2016 / 17 Championship, which have as protagonist a striking Ligorna that annihilates the landlords with three goals.

During the first time the girls of Mister Cantone manage to contain the wild Fracas and Cafferata, valuable the duels hired by the Ligurians with Marinoni and Capra who manage to steal the ball or otherwise disturb what is necessary so that the ball always splashes out of the mirror.
Some offensive attempts also by the Grisons: at 12 'Zella crosses for Devecchi on a free kick that sends the ball to the side of the door; at the 14 'Zecchino tries with a low shot, but Cenname collects; at the 21 'Accoliti proposes a good pass to Captain Amandola, but the ball slips on the bottom; at the 28 'Bianco di career he bores the Ligurian defense finding Cenname well positioned; at the 36 'corner of Zella the ball ends in the fray and Cenname dives, the door is not manned and despite a beat and replies the ball does not enter.
At the 45 'the very fast Cafferata manages to sow the Alexandrian defense and to unblock the result by bagging the second pole behind Asteggiano, 0 to 1.
Le Grigionere face the first quarter of an hour of the second half of the game with conviction: at the 5 'Capitan Amandola serves Bergaglia who tries to cross at the second post with the ball that ends at the bottom of the field.
At 10 'a rapid triangulation between Fracas, Cafferata and Campora requires the intervention of Asteggiano.
At the 17 'Zella from a central position beats a punishment that flies over the barrier and ends the trajectory of very little over the crossbar.
At the 23 'Calcagno started from the back is intercepted by Barbesino, who forced her to kick from an awkward position giving Asteggiano the chance to intervene.
At 25 'injury to Greta Schiavi following a game clash.
At the 27 'a Cafferata in a day of grace and completely free, reaches the penalty area forcing the exit Asteggiano, the Ligurian takes advantage and tries the lob, Barbesino tries a desperate rescue and manages with the tip of his foot to push back the ball , unfortunately the sphere had already entered the door and the Director assigned the network, 0 to 2.
At the 38 'Calcagno tries again with the same action of a few minutes before finding the clear band, with the indomitable Barbesino at his heels, but this time he does not fail and inflates the Alexandrian net, 0 to 3.
A hot Mr. Cantone is not in the mood for discounts: “it was a bad game interpreted immediately. In a growth path you have to play all the games, even if it's the last of the championship, you don't have to settle for mathematics. "

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Devecchi, Capra, Schiavi (Violin 30 'st), Marinoni, Zella, Amandola, Barbesino, Accoliti, Zecchino (Anselmo 30' st), White (Bergaglia 1 'st). Available: Minato, Garavelli, Marenco. Coach: Canton

SCD Ligorna: Cenname (Denevi 40 'st), Cuneo, Cafferata, Bettalli, Zero (Favali 34' st), Cama, Casciani, Fracas, Fallico, Calcagno (Moscamora 41 'st), Campora. Available: Trichilo, Simosis, Napello, Cella. Trainer: Morin

Race Director: Bullari di Brescia
Assistants: Bonomo and Chiparo from Asti
Markers: Cafferata 45 'pt; 27 'st - Calcagno 38' st

Acf Alessandria press officer
Simona Borelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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