Monday, 17th October 2016
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Friendship Lagaccio - Oristano

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Lagaccio spread against Oristano, maintaining the unbeaten home: three very important points for the green, which are presented at the appointment of Ceravolo next Sunday against Alessandria, with a length of advantage.

Immediate local advantage, at the 7 'Toomey deep serves Bargi, who comes in front of the goalkeeper and is not mistaken, 1 to 0; still Lagaccio at 9 'Licco rewards Toomey's cut, a little lob high. The verdeblu manage the race but do not find the doubling, you see so the guests at 30 ', Carta focuses and ends diagonally slightly apart, again Lagaccio at 34', good choral action ended by Toomey, who from the right test a nice diagonal well off from Langella; The final sprint of the Georgian, at the 44 'punishment of D'Ancona from the well-set limit by Ferrari, at the 45' is still a nice exit of the local 1 number on Mattana's feet to save the result. In the second half the determination of the landlord took advantage of the tiredness of the guests to close the race at the start, at 48 'Toomey recovers the ball and flies to the door, bagging diagonally, 2 to 0, a minute later assists of Bargi for Fish kicking dry on the first post, 3 to 0; the guests are seen again at the 51 ', Mattana serves Carta who shoots centrally from a good position, and is a good guard for Ferrari. Poker host one minute later, Zambon throw for Pesce, nice diagonal to turn on the far post, 4 to 0 and virtually closed race; timid reaction to the host, 61 'deep launch for Mattana, assists for Card that a sure shot is seen to neutralize the possibility from Pittavino who saves on the line. In the middle of the fraction in three minutes, the first guest door went to Bargi, then Baghino to Toomey's assist (the 97 class-blue midfielder celebrated the 80 number in the Lagaccina shirt), and Merler who converted a penalty kick, thus bringing score on 7 in 0; at 74 'it is Licco to serve in the Bargi space for 8 at 0. There is still time for the signatures of Cerruti, who takes advantage of a beautiful cross from Pittavino, and Pittavino, who displaces a defender and the goalkeeper, sending Licco's assist at the 82 'at the 90' Oristano overthrows the flag goal with a header from Carta on corner action, 10 to 1 and final whistle.

FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP: Ferrari, Zambon (Biringhelli), Pittavino, Brucci, Licco, Baghino, Pesce, Merler, Bargi, Toomey (Cerruti), Bonissone (Ghidetti). A disp .: Stevanin, Borile. All .: Naples.

ORISTAN ATHLETIC: Langella, Ledda, Pinna, Coluccio, Carta, Mattana, D'Ancona, Tola V., Solinas (Madau), Podda, Tola and .. All .: Mancino.

MARKERS: Bargi 3, 2 Fish, Toomey, Baghino, Merler, Cerruti, Pittavino (L), Carta (O).

Lagaccio Friendship Press Office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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