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Alessandria - Musiello Saluzzo

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Alessandria - Musiello Saluzzo 5 - 2
The match begins with a minute of silence in memory of the cycling champion Michele Scarponi, who died prematurely.

Martinatto tries to start the dances that, indifferently on the right and left, looking for the conclusion, already at the minute 1 is Asteggiano to block the attempt by sweeping the ball away; at 6 'Marinoni with a game of up, manages to steal the ball to the striker of the Musiello now very close to the area.
At 7 'is Captain Amandola to unlock the situation, looking for the second post with a powerful low shot the ball hits the post, the rebound is lucky and the ball goes into the net: 1 to 0.
11 'on the development of a free kick kicked centrally, the ball skips all defense Grigionera and bounces in the area, Asteggiano tries to squat, but the riveting Bongiovanni takes advantage of the rebound and as a fury throws the ball into the net and also White who tried a last-minute save: 1 to 1.
At the 13 'Accoliti from good position obliges the intervention Malosti.
At 17 'Picco is responsible for kicking a free-kick, the ball flies over the barrier and flies over the crossbar.
At the 22 'a good duel between Bergaglia and Etzi makes gain a corner that is kicked Zella, the Vicecapitano pulls directly into the door finding Malosti ready.
At the 23 'Lippolis insidious, obliges Asteggiano to dive.
At 27 'Picco shoots a free-kick, the ball beats against the wood and bounces off the small area, in the melee the intervention of Capra is very providential that sweeps away the ball.
At the 29 'filter for Amandola that does not hook, the ball remains in the game and after a series of battles and rivals in the area is Zecchino that pierces Malosti: 2 1.
At 33 'White manages to free himself from the scoring and kicking in the mirror, Malosti throws in the corner, Zella is that from the flag looking directly at the door and Malosti neutralizes in two stages.
At 35 'Bergaglia slipped weakly and Malosti collects.
At 37 'Lippolis took advantage of a moment of confusion in the area and managed to kick, Asteggiano grabs the ball.
At 39 'Captain Amandola signs his shotgun with a disruptive low shot: 3 to 1.
At 43 'Amandola serves acolyte who tries the lob, but the ball flies over the crossbar.
Teams at rest with the partial 3 to 1.
Start the second fraction of the game and the 6 'Bergaglia serves with a good pass White looking for the second pole, but the ball flies high.
At the 7 'Bergaglia after a gallop, signs the fourth network grigioni: 4 to 1.
At 11 'Zella forces Malosti to intervene.
At 15 'Lippolis, a melee accomplice in a small area, manages to shorten the distances: 4 to 2.
At the 25 'from the flag Zella frames the door, Malosti is forced to intervene in two stages.
At 26 'valuable choral action, quick and precise exchange between Acolyte and Amandola, the latter turns ball to the current Zecchino who, after placing the ball, throws an impassable stone at the intersection: 5 to 2.
The guests try to shorten the distance and at 40 'Asteggiano intervenes in a crash, while at the 44' the goalkeeper is forced to ward off the development of a corner kick.
"Three points that put us back in the race to grab the bottom step of the podium, this is the goal we set ourselves. The game is not particularly worrying on paper, but had the unknown due to the last suspension of a month, the absence of continuity is a feature of this championship. Overall it was a good game, I saw some good games. Honor to Saluzzo who has tried to reduce the gap to the last minute. Now we have three tough matches waiting for us, I hope that the injured girls will succeed and recover for the match against Lagaccio. ", These are the warm ratings of Mister Cantone.

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Capra, Schiavi, Bergaglia, (20 'St Violino), Marinoni, Zella, Amandola, Barbesino, Acolytes (29' St Garavelli), Zecchino (36 'St Anselmo), Bianco. Available: Giribaldi, Devecchi, Soragni. Coach: Canton

Musiello Saluzzo: Malosti, Etzi, Arnaudo, Bongiovanni, Riba, Picco, Lippolis (26 'st Barbero), Civalleri, Marcella, Martinatto (34' St Rolfo), Pasero. Available: Dutto, Goria. Coach: Musiello

Markers: Amandola (7 'pt; 39' pt) -A-; Zecchino (30 'pt; 26' st) -A-; Bongiovanni (11 'pt) -M-; Bergaglia (7 'st) -A-; Lippolis (15 'st) -M-
Ammonite: Amandola -A-; Civalleri -M-
Race Director: Ceriello di Chiari
Assistants: Rosso di Collegno; Nuvole di Chivasso

ACF Press Officer Alessandria
Simona Borelli

In the photo above: Valentina Amandola
In the photographs below: Giulia Zecchino and Sofia Bergaglia



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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