Thursday, 6th October 2016
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The Alessandria falls in Turin against Juventus

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The Serie B Championship restarted after the suspension due to the Nationals' commitments and the fifth day of return provided for the girls of Mr. Cantone to play on the synthetic Mirafiori against Juventus.
The game starts at 17,00 and this allows the teams to enter the field knowing the results of the games played in the canonical timetable.

At the 2 'it is Bianco who tries to open the dances with a diagonal low shot, which slips sideways.
Rapid change of front and at the 3 'is Sottil which pierces the Alexandrian defense, the ball ends outside the door mirror.
At 9 'Mancuso served by Sottil looking for the lob, but the trajectory is too high.
At the 10 'Devecchi takes the ball and throws it just outside.
At the 16 'Soragni disengages from the markings and frames the goal, Milone intervenes not holding back the ball, Captain Amandola pounces on the rebound which touches weakly facilitating the Turin goalkeeper's grip.
At 18 'Trapani obliges Asteggiano to intervene in diving.
New exchange in front and at 20 'it is Milone who has to dive in to block Amandola's initiative.
Moment of concern at 31 ', when Asteggiano in dive is overwhelmed by Gastaldo, the Alexandrian goalkeeper remains on the ground in pain for some endless minutes during which the rescuers with the stretcher also enter the field; fortunately the extreme defender gets up and manages to recover his position among the poles, greeted by a very sporting applause from the curve of the organized and noisy Juventus fans.
At the 36 'Gastaldo, from the distance, looks for the conclusion, but Asteggiano gathers the sphere with simplicity.
At the 37 'Capello breaks through the midfield and arrives in front of Asteggiano who saves the goal.
At 39 'Milone, with a kamikaze exit, neutralizes a good play by Soragni.
At the 41 'Soragni serves in depth Captain Amandola who finds the Juventus goalkeeper ready.
At the 42 'Zella looks for Amandola in the small area and in the fray Milone fucks the ball away.
After two minutes of recovery the first time ends in goalless goals.
At the 1 'minute of the recovery excellent opportunity for the Grisons: Zella from the flag finds Soragni's head that spits the ball, but Milone intervenes in two stages.
At 4 'Asteggiano foils Capello's attack with a slip intervention.
At the 5 'it is Benatello who forces the goalkeeper to save the dive.
At the 9 'Basta fails on Capitan Amandola, who is thrown towards the door, and Zella takes charge of the consequent punishment, in the fray of the small area Milone clears his fists.
At the 14 'Zella commits Milone who dives not holding the ball and leaving the door unguarded, the onrushing Barbesino hooks the still active ball, which ends just outside.
At 15 'Bianco offers a good assist to Soragni who kicks of power, but too high.
At 24 'Milone does not deny himself and leaves abundantly from his area and steals the ball from Soragni.
At 25 'on the development of a corner kick by Capello, which ends in the confusion of the area, Basta manages to touch his knee and throw the ball in, bringing the landlords ahead.
At the 28 'Gastaldo finds the free lane and heads with great careers in goal, finding Asteggiano vigilant.
At the 36 'the Alexandrian defender sweeps into the Capello area, the Race Director points to the disk. It is Capello herself who takes charge of the penalty kick, without realizing.
At the 38 'Soragni throws the ball into the stands.
At the 39 'Mancuso puts to the test Asteggiano that intervenes.
At the 47 'the last chance for the Alexandria is entrusted to Zella who kicks a punishment from a good position, which however does not bring developments.
At the end of the third minute of recovery the final result is 1 at 0.
While the Alessandrine disappointed move away from the field and the Ultras fans celebrate Juventus, the Race Director draws the red card in the direction of Devecchi following the protests of the latter.
"Game played badly not so much tactically as mentally. The girls approached this game in the wrong way and the result proves it. We knew that Juve is a compact team that runs a lot and for the whole game, we also knew that Milone loves to play a lot outside the goalposts and also with his feet. I take responsibility for this defeat because I could not prepare the team properly. The week that separates us from the derby will be used to recalibrate the game and the tactics. "These are the considerations of Mister Cantone.

Juventus Feminine: Milone, Cupoli, Chiavicatti, Mancuso, Basta, Capello, Benatello (21 'st Falcone), Trapani (1' st Tomei), Gastaldo, Mondino, Sottil (40 'st Municchi). To disp .: Fasella, Rusolo, Longhin, Tordella. Coach: Pecchini

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Anselmo, Soragni, Devecchi, Marinoni, Bianco (35 'st Schiavi), Capra, Zella, Zecchino (29' st Bergaglia), Amandola, Barbesino. On disp .: Giribaldi, Garavelli, Violino, Marenco. Coach: Canton

Competition director: Caciotti of Albano Laziale
Assistants: Galasso of Turin, Colacicco di Ivrea
Markers: Basta (J)
Booked: Basta (J); Asteggiano (A); Anselmo (A)
Expelled: Devecchi (A

Simona Borelli
Acf Alessandria press officer

In the photograph above: Irene Barbesino
In the photo below: Benedetta Anselmo



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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