Monday, May 11 2015
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Novese - Lagaccio friendship

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Novese - Lagaccio Friendship 4-0

Nothing to do at Girardengo, Lagaccio surrenders to the Novese by collecting a net 4 0: one-way race for the landlords, to be honest are different mitigating the lagaccine, took the field against the top ranking doing the accounts with the seasonal illnesses that have marked the week together with some falls from injuries, not necessarily at the best of the condition.

Already at the 13'd landlord ahead, Di Stefano's shot, Ferrari deflects but can not avoid the goal, 1 to 0; for the Lagaccio there is only one conclusion from the limit of Pesce parata by Olivetti, the Novese insists and at 28' finds the doubling: counterattack of Montecucco and precise diagonal, the ball hits the opposite pole and bags, 2 to 0. The Genoese are struggling to contain the premises, the 36' Arroyo serves Di Stefano from the edge kicked to the side of little, the 43' the tris biancazzurro: Arroyo holes the defense centrally and flies to the door, accurate shot and nothing to do to Ferrari, 3 to 0 and race almost already closed; last thrill for the Verdeblu at 45', Ravera tries from the limit with a diagonal ending just a little. At the start of recovery the fourth local goal, 47' cross from the left on which Montecucco anticipates everyone in front of Ferrari and bags the 4 network to 0; we see the Lagaccio at 55', Bargi tries to trigger Fish, which is however anticipated by Olivetti at the exit. The lagaccine try to build something dangerous by exploiting the race of Bargi and Nasso but they can not sting, the Novese controls the race and the 80' is still dangerous: thinks Del Francia, today sacrificed in a practically unprecedented position of internal midfield, to anticipate with an excellent slip action Di Stefano ready to kick the net without fail; the last chance is still for the local 87', with Lavarone entering the area and kicking diagonally to the side. In sight for the lagaccine the derby with the Molassana, next Sunday to the Ceravolo, trusting in some recoveries and in a week less troubled.

NOVESE: Olivetti, Russo (Gallo), Lardo, Rigolino, Dragons, Ambrosi, Di Stefano, Lavarone, Arroyo (Mensi), Montecucco, Levis (Ravera). Available: Ottonello, Gandini, Rossi, Fanton. All .: Fossati.

FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP: Ferrari, Brucci, Minopoli, Zambon, Licco (Cerruti), Cereseto (Ghidetti), Del Francia, Merler, Bargi, Pesce, Naxos. A disp .: Stevanin, Biringhelli, Toomey, Pittavino. All .: Naples.

MARKERS: Di Stefano, Montecucco 2, Arroyo (N).

Lagaccio Friendship Press Office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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