June 11, 2015
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Novese - Lagaccio friendship

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Today, 12 February, the Biancocelesti by Mister Fossati have faced the Lagaccio Friendship at the Girardengo Municipal Stadium, the only team that had defeated them in the first round.

The game proved to be all downhill from the first minute when Montecucco missed a goal slightly, already a foretaste of what happened next. The girls continued to build the game and at the 16 'scored the first goal the captain Di Stefano with a pitched pitch not held by the goalkeeper. The opponents are never able to worry the goalkeeper Olivetti. Always in the first half the goal at the 30 'of Montecucco, on the goalkeeper's exit, the biancoceleste bomber pulls diagonally to the left of the same. Finally at the 45 'Arroyo, face to face with the goalkeeper, he overcomes him with a low shot to the left.
In the second half the music does not change, the opponents now under three goals, receive the final blow to the 48 'always from Montecucco, which after having freed two opponents in speed', marks leading to four markings and making a stunning double, which brings her back to the top scorers in her group, with 14 goals in 14 competitions on a par with Bargi.

Despite some pre-game fear for a strong opponent, on the field only a determined Novese was seen to make the result: the distance fight with Empoli remains, even today winning in that of Caprera, waiting to receive it at home in March for the direct confrontation.

FCD NOVESE: Olivetti, Russo (69 'Gallo), Lardo, Rigolino, Dragons, Ambrosi, Di Stefano, Lavarone, Arroyo (80' Mensi), Montecucco, Levis (49 'Ravera). Available: Ottonello, Gandini, Rossi, Fanton. Coach: Fossati

FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP: Ferrari, Brucci, Minopoli, Zambon, Licco (60 'Cerruti), Cereseto (46' Guidetti), Del Francia, Merler, Bargi, Pesce, Naxos. Available: Stevanin, Biringhelli, Toomey, Pittavino. Coach: Naples

Markers: 16 'Di Stefano, 30' Montecucco, 45 'Arroyo, 48' Montecucco

Referee: Cadirola Daniel of Milan

Paola Zamboni
Novese Calcio Calcio press officer


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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