Sunday, November 17 2019
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Alessandria - Turin

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Alessandria - Turin 3 - 1
Second day of the second round at the former Casermette camp in a pouring rain that has never mentioned a decrease in intensity for the entire game.
In the first leg the conscripts had taken over the Parrucco for 4 at 0.

The game starts at a fast pace and with many changes in front, in fact at the 3 'Marinoni serves Soragni who kicks, but the ball slips sideways.
At the 4 'Accoliti opens for Capitan Amandola that obliges Raicu to intervene.
At the 5 'Crisantino is that from the flag throws the ball into the area and Pontius's head throws at the door finding Asteggiano watchful.
The goalkeeper grenade is called to intervene at 15 'following an incursion of Soragni who, by the defenders, managed to kick.
At the 16 'is a cross of Soragni that launches Acolytes, Raicu is ready and bars the door; the next minute, always acolyte from the band obliges Raicu to a beautiful parade.
At 18 'Zella shot from the corner and Soragni with a well-calibrated header overtakes Raicu, unlocking the result in favor of the landlord.
At 24 'a free kick at the edge of the area kicked by Toniolo is intercepted by Zella head.
Sudden change in front and Captain Amandola serves Devecchi who tries the lob, but Raicu intervenes.
At the 35 'is Asteggiano who must block the action of Pancaldi.
The last 10 minutes see the Torino pushing and advancing the center of gravity putting in temporary difficulty the Alexandrians who struggle to shrink the ranks.
Comes a draw at the 39 'when Barberis kicks a punishment from the edge, the ball makes a very high parabola and when it lowers the crossbar bouncing, Asteggiano in the jump can catch the ball but landing slips and the ball escapes from hand, Pontius supports Network.
The teams enjoy a warm and dry rest on the result of a draw.
At 5 'Crisantino seeks personal action, Asteggiano grabs the ball.
Following a foul by Nicco on Barbesino, 10 'Zella shoots from the edge of the penalty area that is saved by Raicu with a great athletic gesture.
A couple of minutes later it is Toniolo that with a powerful free kick obliges Asteggiano to remove the ball in the dive.
At 16 'White shoots the ball high over the crossbar.
At the 26 'Captain Amandola stubbornly manages to steal a ball protected by a defender and intended to pull past the back line, even if from a tight angle pulls on goal and the ball is rejected by the extreme defender, Soragni marks the double with ease .
Toniolo tries to balance the situation at the 30 'when he looks directly for the defense from Asteggiano's free-kick, but the ball flies high.
At 32 'Devecchi verticalized on the left wing for Soragni who, unstoppable, dribbles two defenders and kicks the ball that inflates for the third time the grenade net.
The game ends, under the deluge, on the result of 3 to 1.
Mister Cantone's assessment at the end: "It was a difficult match for both the weather conditions that made the field at the limit for the good shape of Torino. The grenades managed to maintain the dominance of the game at the end of the first half. I admit that today has not been one of our best performances, there are some things to check and this will be done in the week. I'm happy for the three points earned by the team, which today worked in synergy. "

ACF Alessandria: Asciano, Schiavi, Capra, Devecchi, Bianco (Zecchino 20 'st), Soragni (Marenco 43' st), Marinoni, Zella, Acolytes (Bergaglia 20 'st), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Minato. Coach: Canton

Turin CF: Raicu, Di Piero, Tamburini, Barberis, Aghem, Nicco, Pontius, Crisantino (Schirru 22 '), Malara, Toniolo (Lombardo 33'), Pancaldi (Bonanno 28 'st). Available: Liberti, Oberoffer. Coach: Francini

Race director: Pinchetti of Sesto S. Giovanni
Assistants: Rivoira di Nichelino, Ceccotto di Bra
Markers: Soragni - A - 18 'pt, 26' st, 32 'st; Ponzio -T- 40 'pt
Ammonite: Devecchi -A-, Crisantino -T-

Simona Borelli

Enrico Manassero
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