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Caprera - Lagaccio Friendship

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A difficult journey does not stop the Lagaccio race, which returns from Caprera with three very important points; the rough sea found on Saturday night was certainly not a good way for the Genoese, who still offered a test of character recovering the disadvantage matured in the first half.

The start of the Lagaccio is comforting, good ball and much possession, the best opportunity is for Cereseto, which prompted by Del Francia kicks a nice low shot intercepted by Cazzato, the Caprera is not watching and at the 12' goes into advantage to the first favorable action, on a corner kick Lupo head anticipates all and pierces Stevanin, 1 to 0.

The guests react but Cazzato replies blow-by-blow, first out to neutralize a strong shot by Bargi, then saves the door on a conclusion by Cereseto, freed by a nice combination Bargi-Del Francia; at the 20' the Lagaccio comes to a draw: Merler recovers the ball and serves Bargi in space, the number 9 verdeblu bypasses the goalkeeper with a lob and kicks to the net, a defender tries to intervene without result: 1 to 1.

In the final part of the fraction Caprera is back in the lead, the 38' defensive blunder of the green, Ivaniuc check shoulders at the door and first intention, with a nice turn, find a good goal-pole, 2 1.

At the beginning of the restart the Lagaccio starts again convincingly and returns to parity, to the 53' excellent assist of Bargi that rewards the central insertion of Nasso, precise conclusion on the second pole and Cazzato is beaten: 2 to 2; the Lagaccio presses on the accelerator and pours into attack, Del Bargi serves Bargi deep, diagonal of the number 9 just touched by Cazzato, just enough to deflect the ball on the pole.

Ten minutes from the end the efforts are rewarded and the Genoese complete the comeback: per minute 80 Bargi sees and serves the cut of Fish in the middle of the two central defenders, large diagonal in front of the goalkeeper on the opposite pole and nothing to do for Cazzato, 2 to 3 and Lagaccio ahead.

The last chance of the race is for the landlords, cross from the right for Martiradonna that serves the current Carboni, high end of a little. Three important points for the lagaccine, which find the third place at the start of the second round: the next engagement between the walls of friends will certainly be probable, opponent of the turn the Lucchese, team really tricky.

CAPRERA: Cazzato, Tosi, Sau, Martiradonna, Verro, Comai, Cutillo, Ivaniuc, Carboni, Petraglia, Lupo. Available: Grassino, Livoti, Iannetti, Tedde. All .: Giorgi.

FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP: Stevanin, Zambon, Brucci, Minopoli (Biringhelli), Naxos (Fish), Cereseto, Del Francia, Merler, Bargi, Licco (Cerruti), Bonissone. Available: Ferrari. All .: Naples.

MARKERS: 12'Lupo, 38 'Ivaniuc (C) 20' Bargi, 53 'Nasso, 80' Fish (L).

Lagaccio Friendship Press Office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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