Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Ligorna - Juventus

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For the first round of the second round of the national championship of Serie B, Juventus Femminile is on stage in Genoa to face Ligorna, a tough team that, at the debut of the bianconeri in the cadet championship, had thrown the same 3 to 1 .

For problems of availability of the Ligurian field, the race is postponed to 17.00. Mister Pecchini does not change form and deploys his 4-3-3 that sees Milone defending the door, Longhin and Basta central defenders, Chiavicatti right and an unprecedented Mancuso left to try to contain the raids of the strong Cafferata on that side of the front of Ligornese attack, Captain Mondino, Trapani and Benatello in midfield while, resumed his place at the center of the Juventino attack, after the long stop, Tordella with support on the sides of Capello and Falcone.
At the 4 'Cafferata immediately understands Mancuso that today he will have to sweat to contain it and he will fly into the left lane where, reached the bottom, he manages to reach the Ligurian striker who, however, does not hit the door, for the rest of the Mancuso race will grant little or nothing outside the Genoese.
7 'shot from outside Capello, high on the crossbar.
13 'filter of Benatello for Tordella, Cenname foils out.
18 'punishment of Mondino in the half-Ligurian field, strong but central blow, Cenname para in two times.
26 'weak punishment of Capello, easy the parade.
34 'punishment in the circle of midfield for Juventus, takes charge of the beat Longhin that puts a delicious lob in the area for Tordella who, back to the door tries to turn the net that ends up slightly.
43 'Juventus counterattack with Mancuso's final shot deflected for a corner.
44 'from the corner beaten by the same Mancuso, Tordella header that ends slightly high.
The first fraction of play closes on 0 to 0.
Second half
3 'corner kick for Juventus, beat and beat in the area of ​​Ligorna and Cenname is the ball in his arms.
12 'Ligorna is seen by Milone with a shot that ends a few meters from the post.
23 'Cafferata, ball and chain, is tackled by Basta, the net leaps and comes in front of Milon who out in the salvo saves what would have been a hoax as seen in the field so far.
31 'Tomei, entered the field by 10 minutes to replace Falcone, has an illness and must be replaced by Gastaldo who, thus, makes his debut with Juventus.
36 'shot from outside the area of ​​Gastaldo deflected for a corner.
37 'beautiful combination Mancuso-Trapani-Mancuso with the final shot of the latter but too weak to worry Cenname.
40 'shot from 35 meters of Malatesta that ends high.
The game ends with scoreless goals but the Turinese conquer a good point that, thanks to the defeats of the pursuers, allow it to hook the Oristano to 12 points and to further extend the distance from the warm areas of the classification, a good performance that instills trust to face, next Sunday, the Novese leaders among the friendly walls.

Ligorna: Cenname, Cuneo, Cafferata, Bettalli (42 'st Canale), Napello, Zero (15' st Battistutta), Cella, Malatesta (42 'St Casciani), Calcagno, Fallico, Di Blasi. Available Denevi, Cama, Moscamora, Cetti. All. Morin

JUVENTUS: Milone, Basta, Chiavicatti, Mancuso, Longhin, Capello, Benatello, Tordella, Falcone (15 'St Tomei (25' St Gastaldo) De Filippo, Cupoli, Nicastro, Sottil, Fasella, etc. Pecchini.


Enrico Manassero
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