Monday, May 11 2015
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Lucchese - Alessandria

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It starts again after the break of January with the first day of the second round and the Grisons play away in Tuscany, in the house of Lucchese.
The days of the blackbird bring as a booty only one point all'Aandandria that ends the game with scoreless, even the game of the first round was ended with a draw 1 to 1, networks of Zella and Carrozzo.

At the 5 'a cross of Soragni generates a corner, from the flag kick Zella for Anselmo, but the ball ends out.
All '8' Captain Amandola from the band passes Soragni who pulls, but Valeri deviates in the corner. At 10 'good phrasing between Soragni and Amandola that you earn a corner, on the development
Soragni di testa is the watchful goalkeeper.
At 12 'Masè tries to launch Bengasi, but Marinoni anticipates the play.
At the 14 'corner kick for the landlord, clash between Asteggiano and Tognarelli: foul on the goalkeeper.
At the 17 'Soragni filters a passage for Acolytes, but Valeri intervenes in advance.
At the 18 'Accoliti passes to Amandola who puts in the middle not finding her teammates ready to take advantage of the opportunity.
At the 24 'after a prolonged action of the mandogne, White pulls, but the ball rolls on the bottom.
At the 27 'action restart for the Tuscan: the fast Carrozzo tries to unlock the result, but Asteggiano with excellent intervention foils the attempt.
At 29 'Bengasi manages to cross on an error by Anselmo, a striker clears the ball and, after the intervention of Capra, Asteggiano grabs the ball.
At the 33 'Pieroni tries a shot from outside the box that ends up.
At the 36 'occasion for Soragni that over the passage of Amandola cleverly discards the goalkeeper, but pulls out for a hair.
Beautiful action at 40 'Bengasi tows a high ball and throws Carrozzo, the Director of the race whistles offside
Teams in the locker room on the result of 0 to 0.

At 2 'Biancalana pulls from outside the area Asteggiano is reactive and saves the piles
At 6 'Acolyte from the band puts in the middle for Soragni who pulls a lob that loops just above the crossbar.
At 9 'Biancalana tries again without worrying Asteggiano.
At the 17 'occasion for the Tuscans, Carrozzo overcomes the defense of Alessandria, but the shot is not accurate.
At 36 'Zella punishment that impacts against the barrier.
At 37 'after a corner in favor of Alexandria, which does not materialize, restart for the Lucchese: the indomitable Marinoni crashes in the crash.
At 40 'Devecchi recovers in midfield and tries to launch Soragni who is blocked as offside
At 41 'Devecchi serves Soragni who kicks the ball over the crossbar.
At 42 'Soragni crossa in the middle finding Zella shooting high.
At 45 'foul on Marenco that earns punishment: Zella beats and the ball ends out.
Game ended in scoreless networks.

The Alexandrian technician Cantone believes that: "the Grisonsere have had many good opportunities to score and change the trend of the match, unfortunately under the door we have not managed to materialize. There was a lack of healthy malice (agonistically and sportingly speaking). Carrozzo was the guarded special (third in the standings with equal ranking merit with our Debby Soragni), was managed and contained in an excellent manner by our wall Capra and Marinoni.

ACF Lucchese: Valeri, Nellini, Rizzato, Tognarelli, Mannucci (Frediani 8 'st), Lehmann, Carrozzo, Mase, Biancalana, (Manganiello 23' st) Pieroni (Bertolacci 43 'st), Benghazi. Available: Caproni, Torre, Chiocchetti. Coach: De Luca

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Soragni, Anselmo, Devecchi, Marinoni, White (Marenco 35 'st), Zella, Acolytes (Zecchino 30' st), Amandola, Barbesino, Capra. Available: Minato, Schiavi, Bergaglia, Garavelli. Coach: Canton

Race director: Righi di Bologna
Assistants: Mangini and Mantella of Livorno

Ammonite: Tognarelli (L), Nellini (L), Capra (A), Amandola (A)

Simona Borelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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