Monday, May 11 2015
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Empoli - Lagaccio friendship

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Nothing to do for an excellent Lagaccio, who comes out defeated for 4 to 2 from the transfer of Empoli: "who is afraid remains in the locker room", so recited the banner exposed by the girls blublu, who did not show fear for the strong and listed master of home;

really a good performance of the Genoese, who despite appearing to be deceived by many defections due to injury, remain with determination and determination in the game, keeping it poised until the final minutes. Empoli strong, Caucci kicks from 25 meters, Bonissone rejects the ball that ends on the feet of Prugna, the local 9 number goes into the area and kicks but does not frame the door; Lagaccio answers and has a big chance with Pesce, who is looking for a personal solution and concluding weakly, instead of serving Licco free in front of the goalkeeper. We remain in balance until the 27', with the landlords who pass the lead: launch from the right to insert Prugna, a conclusion that breaks on the crossbar and arrives at the foot of the current Cinotti, which deposits on the network, 1 to 0. The Genoese react, Bargi and Del Francia make apprehension to the local defense but they can not find the way of the net, the best opportunity is for the host 9 number, which at the launch of Merler with an angled turn calls Baldi to the miracle to avoid the goals; ends the first half with Empoli ahead and a Lagaccio that bodes well. In the second half the guests enter the field with determination and find the equalizer 46', pressing Del Francia and error of the home defense, the ball arrives at Bargi that comes in front of Baldi and exceeds with a precise touch, 1 to 1 and race that seems reopened; the Empoli, however, in the first half of the fraction returns to the lead, at the 54' on the developments of a corner Prugna surprises Stevanin with a conclusion from a defiled position, 2 to 1. The Lagaccio tries to react, but at the 60' they find the decisive break the landlords, who are won a penalty kick for the knockdown of Di Guglielmo: Stevanin intuits but Mastalli transforms, 3 to 1. The blow is tough but the Lagaccio does not give up, the race becomes beautiful with continuous reversals in front, the locals are looking for the decisive blow and guests to return to the race, and a lot of goodwill is rewarded at 81': on the development of a punishment kicked by Del Francia, Bonissone finds himself in the right place and exceeds Baldi, 3 at 2; the Verdeblu would also have the opportunity to draw two minutes later, Del Francia's downhill and assist for Bargi who on the stop before concluding stands in front of the impassable wall of Baldi who keeps the Tuscan ahead. The hopes of the Genoese, however, end at the 87', when they grant a punishment from the limit that the specialist Cinotti insacks with an unthinkable trajectory, 4 to 2, and the de facto ended; excellent race as said of the Lagaccio, who returns from the trip to Empoli unfortunately only with the compliments but with zero points in the suitcase: the new stop will serve the lagaccine to recover a bit of unavailable elements, in view of the last trip to Sardinia, guests of the Caprera.

EMPOLI LADIES: Baldi, Parrini, Di Guglielmo, Experts, Varriale, Caucci (78 ° Consoloni), Borghesi (51 ° Ferrara), Cinotti, Prugna, Mastalli, Di Lupo (58 ° Acuti). Available: Landi, Venturini, Galluzzi, Meropini. All .: Pistolesi.

FRIENDSHIP: Stevanin, Zambon, Brucci, Minopoli (87 ° Polese), Licco (78 ° Nasso), Baghino, Del Francia, Merler, Bargi, Fish (78 ° Cerruti), Bonissone. A disp .: Accardo M., Biringhelli, Del Verme. All .: Naples.

MARKERS: Cinotti 2, Plum, Mastalli (E), Bargi, Bonissone (L).

Lagaccio Friendship Press Office


Enrico Manassero
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