Friday, 15 May 2015
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Inter, you're really "crazy": from 2-4 to 71 'to the final 6-4! Championship reopened!

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Pro San Bonifacio, 27 points, first; Inter, 23 points, third: Inter-Pro San Bonifacio represents the big match of the eleventh day of the first leg of Serie B group C. The Nerazzurri must absolutely win if they want to continue dreaming of Serie A and try going down on the field with an 4-2-3-1 that sees Selmi protecting the door; Chiggio, Lazzari, Spinelli and Brevi to compose the defensive quartet; Spinelli and Brevi to make a dam in front of the defense; Brustia, Regazzoli and Merlo to invent behind Capitan Baresi. The Pro San Bonifacio in turn wants the three points to attempt the escape and tries with the most classic existing form, the 4-4-2, opting for De Beni among the posts, Belfanti, Elena Perobello, Casarotto and Captain Menon on defense; Cumerlato, Rigon, Cavallini and Rachele Perobello to compose the midline and the Yeboaa-Brutti couple forward. 4-3-3, with De Beni in goal, Belfanti, Elena Perobello, Casarotto and captain Menon in defense; Cumerlato, Brutti and Rigon to compose the median line and with the trio Yeboaa, Rachele Perobello and Cavallini forward.

Inter immediately pushes forward with Bonfantini but Belfanti is very good at cutting the road for her, recovering the ball and foiling it with a perfect diagonal. The Nerazzurri try to impose their game immediately but at the 7 'the Pro San Bonifacio takes the lead: Lazzari is slow to set the maneuver and performs too many dribbles, Cumerlato takes advantage, steals the ball and widens for Cavallini crosses Selmi with a delicious lob for the 0-1. Inter did not give up and at the 13 'recapture the draw again due to an error in the restart phase: Rigon falls asleep and does not clear the area, Regazzoli thanks and with a torpedo under seven to the left of the innocent De Beni leads the teams sull'1-1. A minute later Rachele Perobello tries the net on a free kick from the 35 meters but the shot ends just above the crossbar. It is the only jolt of the Pro San Bonifacio: indeed Inter once found the draw grinds game and crushes the leaders in its half field. At 21 'Brustia puts in a penalty kick that smacks of a short corner kick, the host defense clears and Rognoni closes the action from the edge with a beautiful volley that is lost just to the right of the goal. Still Rognoni tries a minute later, at Baresi's suggestion, from the edge but the ball does not once again frame the goal mirror. As the football textbook, in the best moment of Inter comes the host advantage: Selmi relaunches the ball towards the midfield but the ball is intercepted by an opponent who heads Rachele Perobello who leaves the surprised opposing defenders in place and stabs the local goalkeeper coming face to face with him. The Pro San Bonifacio tries to stretch with Cavallini's fine filtering pass for the fast Yeboaa, which however is anticipated by the timely release of Selmi. At the 31 'Menon remains on the ground after a regular conflict with Rognoni:(probably a muscular problem for the guest captain who, despite receiving medical treatment, is unable to continue the game). The band passes over Casarotto's arm and Kastrati enters in his place. At 34 'Yeboaa jumps Chiaggio with a tunnel and falls into the area but the referee, in a perfect position to evaluate, does not see the extremes for the penalty kick and lets it continue. Two minutes later on the opposite side Rognoni receives the ball from Brustia but from a good position he kicks out badly. At the 41 'beautiful action of the Pro San Bonifacio: Rachele Perobello cannot find the space for the shot and widens for Cumerlato. The guest number 7 unloads the ball for Brutti whose shot of first intention is powerful but imprecise and concludes his race on the bottom beyond the crossbar. The same Brutti tries again with a punishment from the 25 meters but the sphere ends still high. Entering the recovery Rognoni misses a header on defense on which Yeboaa enters with his incredible speed aiming the goal. Rognoni's recovery and intervention in the form of a slip know of a miracle and allow the Inter defender to remedy the mistake made. The angle obtained by the young attacking host did not in fact have a positive fate: Rachele Perobello puts in the middle of the flag but Cavallini's header ends harmlessly centrally in Selmi's arms. On the reversal in front of De Beni saves the companions with a timely exit on Brustia. After 4 'recovery ends the first half with the score of 1-2 in favor of Pro San Bonifacio.

The second half starts with the same twenty-two players on the pitch and sees an aggressive and cynical Inter immediately find the equalizer: Merlo wins the goal and puts a ball in the middle that Captain Baresi cannot but support on the net for the 2- 2. Shortly before, Rachele Perobello was stopped by Brustia who received a very generous warning. The goal galvanizes the girls of the duo Vergifker-De La Fuente, who try to overtake the 49 'when Baresi widens for Rognoni but the shot of the talented class' 97 is deflected with a big corner kick by De Beni. Two minutes later Chiggio commits a foul on Yeboaa, (who has a bad reaction by striking the Inter full-back with a kick). The referee, a few steps away, sees everything but chooses for the soft line and pretends not to see to not leave the guests in ten. The Nerazzurre are still trying to score the goal with a wonderful choral action not finalized by Bonfantini that face to face with De Beni kicks high. A minute later another fast and clever maneuver of the Milanese: Regazzoli serves Baresi who unloads on Merlo whose cross is turned of head from the same Regazzoli, that with a good insertion burns the defense, concluding however weakly and centrally facilitating the comfortable parade of De Goods. At the 57 'Rognoni looks for and finds a foul accentuating the fall; in any case the admonition with which the race director punishes Elena Perobello is exaggerated. The punishment is kicked by Brustia with precision on the head of Baresi who concludes to the side. The solo solo that has so far characterized the second half is interrupted at the minute 60 when Rachele Perobello mocks the perhaps too advanced Selmi with a lob from thirty meters for the goal of the 2-3. One change per side: in the ranks of Inter Velati, he detects Lazzari by changing the team's attitude which becomes more offensive; Belfanti leaves room for Baldo in the guests. But it is the golden moment of Rachele Perobello and the black one of Selmi: the 10 guest number leaves a shot from the edge of the angled area but not very powerful, the local goalkeeper probably evaluates the ball out but this touches the post and exceeds the white line for the 2-4 and for the personal triplet of the expert and strong class' 88.

Everything seems to be over but the whole fairy tale has yet to begin ... The Nerazzurri make a square and do not break up and shorten the distances 10 'later: the newly entered Velati receives a throw from a companion and unloads backwards on Rognoni whose conclusion is anything but irresistible but bending the hands of De Beni for the 3-4. They just pass 3 'and the Nerazzurri make the 4-4: Baresi makes Bonfantini see a golden ball that for himself with De Beni makes no mistake.

All finished? Not at all, the girls of President Tagliabue want the victory and to get the goal of the pass they must wait for other 3 ': Rachele Perobello uproots the ball from the feet of an opponent putting the ball in the corner kick. Brustia's cross seems too much towards the center of the field and instead the whole is a pattern tested in training (difficult to think of the simple intervention of fate): with a countermovement, Rognoni dissociates and from the edge of the area of ​​first intention he shoots a bomb that concludes his race behind the innocent Selmi De Beni. The goal of the 23 number is really a masterpiece and concludes a crazy comeback: in 9 'from 2-4 to 5-4! At 80 'Bonfantini is warned for having prevented an opponent from beating a fast punishment. (For the record, the hitting point was not correct and the ball was voluntarily kicked against the local 10 number, reasons for which the penalty kick would have to be repeated at the correct batting point, as indeed happened, but Bonfantini she would not have been warned). The duo Pignatelli-Agresti try everything by inserting Pizzolato for Cumerlato but Inter closes the accounts shortly after with Velati, whose entry into the field has regenerated Baresi and companions, able to receive a throw between the lines and beat De Beni in 'one versus one. The Argentine Inter coaches give minutes to Santi and Borges, respectively for Rognoni and Bonfantini, also to break up the game. The Pro San Bonifacio has the merit of not giving up until the last minute and in the second minute of recovery goes forward with desperation but Selmi is good at going out and foiling an aerial scrum. The race closes with an attempt to lob a exhausted Baresi who is blocked by De Beni after 3 'recovery.

Incredible race won with heart and determination by the Nerazzurri against a skilful and cynical Pro San Bonifacio in front of goal that manages to exploit many of the goals scored, unlike the places that spoil some occasion. Now the championship has reopened with the Fimauto Valpolicella taking advantage of the fall of the former leaders taking the lead with 28 points, followed by Pro San Bonifacio at 27 and Inter at 26. Staccato, in fourth place, we find the Trento with 20 points. Everything is still possible ...

INTER (4-2-3-1): Selmi; Chiggio, Lazzari (61 'Velati), Spinelli, Brevi; Brustia, Regazzoli; Merlo, Rognoni (87 'Santi), Bonfantini (90' Borges); Baresi (cap.). Available: Pilato, Crespi, Abati, Cervi. Coaches: Pablo Vergifker - Sebastian De La Fuente.

PRO SAN BONIFACIO (4-4-2): De Beni; Belfanti (61 'Baldo), E. Perobello, Casarotto, Menon (cap., 33' Kastrati); Cumerlato (84 'Pizzolato), Rigon, Cavallini, R. Perobello; Yeboaa, Brutti. Available: Frigotto, Camponogara, Bendinelli, Guiotto. Coaches: Manuel Pignatelli - Federico Agresti.

Networks: 7 'Cavallini (Pro San Bonifacio), 13' Regazzoli (Inter), 26 ', 60', 62 'R. Perobello (Pro San Bonifacio), 47' Baresi (Inter), 72 ', 78' Rognoni (Inter ), 75 'Bonfantini (Inter), 86' Velati (Inter).

Admonitions: 46 'Brustia (Inter), 57' E. Perobello (Pro San Bonifacio) both for game fouls; 80 'Bonfantini (Inter) for not having allowed and having prevented an opponent from playing again.
Expulsions: none.
Referee: Alessandro Costa of Novara.
Assistants: Samuele Paredi from Como and Stefano Della Pietra from Como.
Recovery: 4 'and 3'.

Article by Federico Scarso.
In the photo of Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella ("The Female Soccer Copier") Valentina Velati is submerged by her companions during the rejoicing for the goal of the definitive 6-4.

Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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