Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Ligorna - Alessandria

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On the last day of the first round on the Ligorna synthetic, the Alessandria gains the lowest step of the virtual podium, thanks to the 3 points obtained at the end of a match fought until the last second by both teams.

At the 3 'Captain Amandola tows and supports the ball for Soragni, who kicks her over the crossbar.
The following minute the yellow / blue respond with a raid, even on this occasion, the ball flies high.
Cafferata grinds the whole band without problems and tries to frame the gray door, Marinoni intercepts and moves the ball away, Calcagno hooks the ball and steals Asteggiano's time, causing the net to swell at 7 '.
The fast Cafferata runs along the shoulder-to-shoulder band with Capra and, having arrived in the small area, is face to face with Asteggiano who closes the mirror and saves the network at 19 '.
At 20 'Accoliti crosses over to the near post forcing Cenname to intervene.
At 22 'Zella takes charge of kicking a free-kick from a central position, the Alexandria 8 number is surgical and stabs Cenname, bringing the result to a draw.
At the 39 'Bianco manages to make his way through the Ligorna defenders in the small area and tries to kick, managing to gain a corner kick.
At the 40 'Zella takes a free-kick, the ball runs on the bottom.
The teams go to rest with the result of 1 to 1.
The second half starts immediately with a sustained pace: at 2 'Accoliti opens for Soragni who finds the Genoese goalkeeper ready.
At 6 'Soragni from midfield with a cross serves Accoliti, Cenname intervenes and foils the action.
At 10 'Accoliti heads the empty goal for a Cenname exit, the ball is practically inside, but Zero arrives at a career that sweeps away.
At the 30 'good ball possession of the Grisons and after a series of nice triangulations, Barbesino looks for the conclusion, the Ligorna goalkeeper collects.
At 34 'punishment in favor of the landlords: Cafferata tries to distract with a feint, Napello pulls out to find Asteggiano vigilant.
At 36 'Soragni of power seeks the door: Cenname diving does not hold back, the onrushing Amandola engages the rebound, but the ball impacts on the goalkeeper's body.
At 43 'Marenco, served by Capitan Amandola, sends the ball over the crossbar.
At the 45 'Battistutta commits a foul on Barbesino in the area, the Race Director points to the spot and takes out the yellow card for the Genoese.
Now in full recovery, it is Zella who positions herself in front of Cenname and with coldness and lucidity marks her double that guarantees the 3 points to the Alexandrines.
For Mister Cantone: "It was a hard fought match for the whole duration, in fact 90 were intense minutes. Today we have gained an important victory and the 3 points are heavy in the balance of the classification, but they are also particularly important to galvanize the group. The first time the territorial dominance was in favor of the landlords, but the greatest occasions were ours. "
The DS Violino, not hiding the satisfaction for the result achieved, admits: "We finally play with greater conviction and with the right amount of competitive malice and the results arrive".

SCD Ligorna: Cenname, Cuneo (Channel 32 'st), Cafferata, Bettalli, Napello, Zero (Campora 43' st), Cella, Casciani (Di Blasi 22 'st), Battistutta, Fallico, Calcagno.
Available: Denevi, Moscamora. Trainer: Morin

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Devecchi, Capra, Schiavi, Marinoni, Zella, Amandola, Barbesino, Accoliti (Zecchino 24 'st), Soragni, Bianco (Marenco 35' st).
Available: Giribaldi, Minato, Bergaglia, Porcella, Garavelli. Coach: Canton

Race Director: Cattaneo of Monza
Assistants: Ciminelli; Dolphin

Markers: Calcagno (L) 7 'pt; Zella (A) 22 'pt; Zella (A) 46 'st - R -
Ammonite: Battistutta (L)

Simona Borelli
press agent ACF Alessandria



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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