Novese or Empoli: who will be winter champion?

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Last day of the first round in which the leaders Novese try to win to get the title of "winter champion" in that of Molassana, a team that at the moment is precise in the middle of the standings at the sixth point and shows a balance of crazy results: four wins, two draws and four losses, eleven goals scored and as many suffered. Empoli will take advantage of a false step from the Piedmontese who will host the Lagaccio Friendship in the big match of the day: the girls of Tony Napoli are in fact in third place to + 4 by the Tuscans and winning the direct battle could dream of fighting for their promotion too.

Ligorna-Alessandria will also be a challenge, teams matched in fourth place with two points of disadvantage from the Friendship Lagaccio: losing the match would mean losing more ground from the head teams and having to say definitely goodbye to dreams of record, which already now appear almost utopian. The Atletico Oristano winning in Turin against the grenade would be safe from the warm areas but the locals will want to make points so as to remove the taillight Musiello Saluzzo, called the first win of the season in Lucca. Closes the picture of the day and the first round the challenge between Caprera and Juventus, who are located arm in the third last place: win would scare the ghosts but in case of defeats in Turin and Musiello Saluzzo may not be despised a draw.

Eleventh day (08-01-2017, 14 hours: 30):
Turin-Atletico Oristano
Lucchese-Musiello Saluzzo
Empoli-Friendship Lagaccio (postponement 17 hours: 00)

Novese 25
Empoli 24
Lagaccio Friendship 20
Alexandria 18
Ligorna 18
Molassana 14
Atletico Oristano 12
Lucchese 10
Juventus 8
Caprera 8
Turin 6 *
Musiello Saluzzo 6

* a penalty point

Article by Federico Scarso

Federico Scarso
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