Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Serie B / A, attempted escape from Novese and Empoli; in the tail the Musiello shortens from the Bull!

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ba day series
The two big matches of the day are characterized by fog. In the end they manage to lengthen the two heads: the Novese, sign with Levis in the first half and with Fanton and Ambrosi in the final, which liquidates 3-0 within the walls a Ligorna with numerous absences but that definitely gives up only in the last minutes of competition and Empoli, a corsair in Alessandria thanks to the goals of Cinotti on penalties and Cecilia Prugna, returned from injury. The net in the final of Deborah Soragni is useless for the result, which only makes the defeat for the Alexandrians less bitter. Ligorna and Alessandria then fall and take advantage of the Friendship Lagaccio that exceeds the neutral Ronco Scrivia for the unavailability of the Ceravolo Torino with a net and peremptory 7-0 in a game without history that sees the Genoese ahead of even five networks all 'interval. Mattatrice della giornata Michela Pesce, scored with a hat-trick; also score bomber Caterina Bargi, who thanks to this double overrides Arianna Montecucco becoming the leader of the stand scorers with 12 nets, and Nasso and Del Francia, both with a goal. Honoringly, Toro played the whole game in ten due to Brigitta Aghem's two-way dismissal at the end of the first half. In the queue, Musiello Saluzzo manages to nibble another point at Turin, drawing 2-2 between the walls of friends against Caprera thanks to Martinatto and Pasero who respond to the double advantage of Grassino and Cutillo. Back to win the Molassana, a corsair in Turin against Juventus, thanks to 0-2 by De Blasio-Ponzanelli in the final. Finally, 5-4 pyrotechnic (paper doubles, D'Ancona and Ledda networks and Caproni's own goal in favor of the premises; Rizzato, Carrozzo and Tognarelli, in addition to Pinna's own goal, for the guests) of Atletico Oristano on the Lucchese.
Tenth day:
Novese-Ligorna 3-0
Alessandria-Empoli 1-2
Lagaccio-Turin Friendship 7-0
Musiello Saluzzo-Caprera 2-2
Juventus-Molassana 0-2
Atletico Oristano-Lucchese 5-4
Novese 25
Empoli 24
Lagaccio Friendship 20
Alexandria 18
Ligorna 18
Molassana 14
Atletico Oristano 12
Lucchese 10
Juventus 8
Caprera 8
Turin 6 *
Musiello Saluzzo 3
* a penalty point
Federico Scarso
Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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