Friday, January 24 2020
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Serie B / A, the Novese keeps the record by defeating a rebuilt Ligorna but fighting until the end!

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The Novese leaders host the surprising Ligorna between the walls of the walls, newly promoted by the derby won 0-1 against Molassana thanks to the Eurogol of Teresa Fracas, but led to several disqualifications (Cenname, Cella, Malatesta) and Di Blasi's injury . The biancobl├╣, third only 4 points away, look for the company in the fog of Novi Ligure. Both teams line up with the 4-3-3: the locals choose Olivetti between the posts; Russo, Draghi, Rigolino and Lardo to compose the defensive quartet; Ambrosi and Levis on the sides of captain Di Stefano in midfield and the trident of wonders Arroyo-Lavarone-Montecucco in attack. Morin and Lo Bartolo answer with Denevi, who detects the disqualified Cenname, in goal; Cuneo, Capitan Fallico, Napello and Zero in defense; Canale, Bettalli and Calcagno with the fast Simosis and Cafferata to support the Fracas point.
At the 2 'Simosis in midfield gets rid of an opponent with a magic before serving with a nice filter Fracas who from a position from the edge of the area ends towards the door of first intention weakly with the shot that becomes easy prey of Olivetti . At the 6 'Levis is fed with a precise filter from a companion: photocopy of first action with the shooting of the local 27 number of first intention that turns off harmless in the arms of the careful Denevi. Two minutes later, Napello commits a foul on Montecucco who kicks directly into the goal centrally; Denevi stops in two stages. Arroyo points to Fallico, he jumps and puts a nice cross in the middle, Levis heads from two steps incredibly out. At 10 'Zero saves the Ligorna with a perfect diagonal on Montecucco by cutting the road and blowing the ball before the top scorer in the league has time to kick to the net. The same Zero four minutes later rejects the cross of an adversary with one arm. The referee, whistled by the first assistant Benou, whistles the foul. The ball is put from Montecucco on the second pole where Levis is the fastest and anticipates all by placing the ball in the goal from a few centimeters away for the 1-0. The Ligorna tries to react by reversing the Cafferata and Simosis bands, without particular fortunes. It is indeed the Novese to go close to doubling denied only by bad luck combined with an excellent reflection of Denevi: Levis kicks from the edge hitting the post, the ball returns to the field, bounces on Denevi's head and recruits the upright, touches the back of the goalkeeper but before I cross the door line is blocked by the same Denevi with a reflection from the ground. The goalkeeper also suffers foul for the charge of an opponent who in an attempt to reiterate the ball in the door hits him. At the 26 'captain Di Stefano tries from outside but the ball ends high even if not very much. Three minutes later Lavarone on a partner's cross anticipates Denevi out but heads out. At 32 'a new shot of the premises ends on the pole to the left of the extreme defender. At 45 'Lavarone is cautioned for foul on Cafferata. Ligorna opts for the short line by sending Cuneo to the cross on the right, but is put out well by the defense. Napello retrieves the ball and leaves a shot without too many pretensions from almost midfield, but it turns into an interesting pass for Simosis whose shot ends but very wide to the left of Olivetti. The first fraction of the game ends with the score of 1-0 in favor of the Novese, which has however to recriminate for the affected woods and the amount of game produced.
The teams resume their position on the pitch with the same twenty-two first-half players. Who would expect a new siege of Piedmont wrong big because the reaction of pride of Ligorna from the first minutes is conspicuous and noticeable: at 52 'Bettalli ends a nice choral action but his shot is muffled by the head of a defender facilitating the Olivetti's intervention. At 62, however, bad luck is on the biancoazzurre, already with numerous absences, with the injury of Teresa Fracas to a tibia in a clash (regular) fortuitous play, forcing her to abandon the pitch. In place of the number 9 host takes over Battistutta while in the premises Marta Fanton detects Vanessa Lavarone. Olivetti is naive and wasting too much time holding the ball in his hands, the referee is very fiscal and decrees the indirect free kick in favor of Ligorna from within the area. Cafferata kicks against the Novese wall erected to protect the door. At the 70 'Levis gives space to Ravera on the premises while Casciani takes the place of Canal for the guests. Two minutes later Calcagno ends up on the list of villains for a foul in midfield. The Ligorna pushes and tries the way of a draw in every way but never seriously engages Olivetti, which blocks an angled but not very powerful shot by Bettalli. The fog decreases more and more in that of Novi Ligure but the Genoese do not give up a centimeter putting pressure on the opponents. The last change of the guests sees the inclusion of Cetti for an excellent Simosis mind a little later on the opposite side Gallo replaces Arroyo, creator of a more than generous performance. Just when it seemed that the guests could complete the siege at the end comes the goal of safety with Fanton from the limit, able to exploit a mistake in the setting of Napello. Shortly thereafter, the Ambrosi's Eurogol also arrives, perhaps overly punishing the Ligurians too much. The Ligorna has the merit of playing until the end catching even a crossbar with the young 2000 class Federica Cafferata that with a nice touch of the outside right manages to overtake the goalkeeper but not to score the goal of the flag.
Three precious points for the Novese that keeps the record and runs away with the Empoli in the standings. The Ligorna, on the contrary, returns with his feet on the ground and returns to Genoa defeated but aware of being a strong and growing team. The absences, the field in excellent condition but natural grass (not usual in Genoa and surroundings) and the climate not really Mediterranean have certainly affected the performance, but it was anything but negative and above all never compliant, especially in the second half , even from girls with less minutiate in this league and lined up today.
NOVELTIES (4-3-3): Olivetti; Russian, Dragons, Rigolino, Lardo; Ambrosi, Di Stefano (cap.), Levis (70 'Ravera); Arroyo (78 'Gallo), Lavarone (62' Fanton), Montecucco. Available: Ottonello, Rolando, Gandini, Rossi. Coach: Maurizio Fossati.
LIGORNA (4-3-3): Denevi; Cuneo, Fallico (cap.), Napello, Zero; Canale (70 'Casciani), Bettalli, Calcagno; Simosis (75 'Cetti), Fracas (62' Battistutta), Cafferata. Available: Parodi, Cama, Bottin, Campora. Coaches: Mara Morin - Marco Lo Bartolo.
Networks: 15 'Levis (Novese), 85' Fanton (Novese), 87 'Ambrosi (Novese).
Admissions: 45 'Lavarone (Novese) for foul play, 72' Calcagno (Ligorna) for foul play.
Expulsions: none.
Referee: Andrea Calzavara from Varese.
Assistants: Noureddine Benou of Alessandria and Jurgen Shahini of Asti.
Article by Federico Scarso.
In the picture the undisputed protagonist of the final, the fog, which has prevented several fans (including myself) to see clearly the last two goals of the meeting.
Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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