Monday, December 09 2019
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Naples - Apulia Trani finishes 2-0

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Two goals in the second half decided the final score of the Napoli - Apulia Trani match, ending 2-0.
The match was also characterized by a home arbitrage, which warmed the hearts of the eleven in the field and the bench. At the 30 'of the first half the referee, Quattrociocchi of Latina, did not whistle a foul in the penalty area suffered by Sgaramella.

In the second half, after the first goal of Napoli (Schioppo at 60 '), the biancazzurre reacted. On a free kick from Riccio, the ball was miraculously saved on the line by goalkeeper Kaselyté. During the second half the technical director of Trani, Mannatrizio, has entered three points: Sibilano (62 '), finally recovered from the long injury, Diaferia (65') and Maratea (80 '), but none of them has materialized. The doubling of Napoli arrived with De Biase at 72 '.
Trani training: Mariano T., Spallucci (80 'st Maratea), De Marinis, Chiapperini, Delvecchio, Volpe, Iorio (65' st Sibilano), Cagiano, Riccio, Sgaramella, Mariano P. (62 'Diaferia). Available: Campana, Mergola, Ventura.
Training of Naples: Kaselyté, Schioppo, Musella, Russo, Iorio, De Biase, Esposito, Risina, Volpe, Massa, Tagliaferri.
Nothing has changed in the slums of the standings, with the Griffin and the Dream Team they lost.
After the Christmas break, Trani will play the 8 2017 January the last match of the first leg of the home against Lazio.

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