Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Serie B / A, Novese-Ligorna and Alessandria-Empoli to dream; Musiello Saluzzo-Caprera to save himself!

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On the tenth day of the Serie B round of Serie A there are several interesting fights at the top and in the queue. Novese leaders host the newly promoted Ligorna, which is against the expectations of most in third place. The girls of the duo Morin-Lo Bartolo will go up however in Piedmont without several important elements: the goalkeeper Cenname and midfielder Malatesta have in fact been expelled in the derby against Molassana and are disqualified, like the back Cella who in the last round has remedied the fifth seasonal warning. Not even the midfielder Di Blasi, injured last week, will be in the game. It can be said that the biancoblù have paid duty for the victory in the Molassana derby but will want at all costs to continue to cultivate the dream of being attached to the head train. The premises will try to exploit the trident technique Arroyo-Lavarone-Montecucco to pierce the excellent defense of the Genoese. At equal points with Ligorna is Alessandria, which hosts Empoli that in case of victory would hook in second place. Two strong teams, with two excellent goalkeepers like Asteggiano and Baldi who could easily play in Serie A, promise show and level football. It could take advantage of the clashes at the top of the Friendship Lagaccio, fifth uncomfortable, which will try to make its own against a Torino returned from a pyrotechnic 4-4 reached at the end against Musiello Saluzzo, last in the class, and therefore does not appear in the form best. Just the Saluzzesi are called to hit the first win of the season against a Caprera with training problems and that gives the best of itself in the walls between friends. Playing away from Sardinia and in front of their fans must be an extra charge for Musiello Saluzzo. Finally Juventus-Molassana and Atletico Oristano-Lucchese are "quiet" challenges: winning would further remove the relegation zone, as well as always being a pleasure to die, but losing would not be a drama.
Tenth day:
Lagaccio-Turin friendship
Musiello Saluzzo-Caprera
Atletico Oristano-Lucchese
Novese 22
Empoli 21
Alexandria 18
Ligorna 18
Lagaccio Friendship 17
Molassana 11
Lucchese 10
Atletico Oristano 9
Juventus 8
Caprera 7
Turin 6 *
Musiello Saluzzo 2
* a penalty point
Federico Scarso
Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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