Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Alessandria - Lagaccio friendship

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The landlords start out convinced and concentrated and begin to unbalance the game in the midfield of the Genoese: at 4 'Soragni, after a precise assist by Bianco, shoots a bomb that forces Stevanin to intervene with his fists and throw in a corner; from the flag is Zella who kicks directly in the goal calling again Stevanin who intervenes, even in this case of punches.

At 7 'Barbesino hooks the ball on the fly and throws it into the goal, the last defender is alert and grab.
Sudden exchange in front and at the 10 'the formidable Bargi challenges Asteggiano which neutralizes the diving shot.
At 37 'Soragni, after freeing himself from three markers, looks for the door, but Stevanin blocks the way.
At 45 'it is Toomey who frees himself and looks for the second pole, the ball slips at the bottom of the field.
The first half ends in inviolate networks.
The teams return to the field evidently loaded by the speeches of the Mister.
At 3 'beautiful triangulation started by Zella for Captain Amandola serving Soragni, the ball flies over the crossbar.
At the 4 'Zella kicks from the corner, Anselmo has the upper hand in the fray and touches the lead finding Stevanin ready.
At the 6 'in the midfield of the Alexandrines, out of the penalty area, a shoulder-to-shoulder contrast between Zella and a Ligurian striker is interpreted by the Race Director as a foul on the last man, in fact he directly extracts the red card for the n. 8 of the ACF Alessandria.
Grinding in 10: the moment of discouragement and imbalance is inevitable; fortunately the character has the best and the girls of Mr. Cantone reposition themselves and close ranks.
Prophetic Marinoni's "Manno" incitement: "Come on, raga! Let's get out the eleventh that is missing! "
At the 9 'Soragni frees himself and serves Captain Amandola who kicks into the goal centrally, crashing into Stevanin.
At the 16 'nice duel between Minopoli and Soragni who earns a corner, takes charge of kicking it Anselmo, in the area Soragni on the fly spins the ball in the door finding the ubiquitous Stevanin.
New change of front, it's time for Asteggiano who intervenes at the 20 ', at the 28' and at 33 'out of feet steals the ball from Toomey.
At 40 'Soragni frees himself from Minopoli and tries to unlock the result, Stevanin saves the door with a two-step intervention.
Game ended on 0 at 0.
Some evaluations in general are a must, today we met Alessandria and Am generally called Lagaccio: teams that played third place in the standings (without taking into consideration the first two places) of the National Serie B Championship. Decisions of the questionable referee trio, that is, not acceptable, in the first instance they have diminished the value of the match and the related championship, while in practice they have created imbalances, confusion, nervousness and reactions from the girls on the field, as well as legitimate criticisms from the public.
It must be admitted that the decisions were "level playing field", as they each time damaged both teams: the red headed for Zella seemed "risky" because there was no foul and in any case it was not clear goal action; in the same way "unintelligible" the yellow waved to Anselmo and Bonissone: the latter entered a bit harsh on Anselmo to stop it, but Anselmo reacted with a kick, even though the ball was far away, other episodes of clamorous oversights did not are listed.
Mister Cantone, with a dark face, traces the 90 minutes: "First time during which the Alexandria managed the territorial supremacy, we had three excellent actions in the first minutes and then the girls continued to build. The second half started with the questionable expulsion of Zella (at most he could have been a yellow card), this decision has profoundly changed the balance in the field. Unfortunately there was a moment of confusion, then the 10 mandrogne found the necessary courage and held for 40 minutes. It is a pity that the matches can still be penalized by similar arbitration decisions. "

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Anselmo, Devecchi, Soragni, Marinoni, Bianco, Capra, Zella, Accoliti (Schiavi 11 'st), Amandola (Marigonda 43' st), Barbesino (Zecchino 15 'st). Available: Giribaldi, Minato, Garavelli, Bergaglia. Coach: Canton

Lagaccio Friendship: Stevanin, Minopoli, Pittavino, Bonissone, Zambon, Baghino, Licco (Fish 9 'st - Nasso 40' st), Merler, Bargi, Toomey (Fossa 45 'st), Of France.
Available: Accardo, Biringhelli, Del Verme, Viazzi. Coach: Naples

Competition director: Ceriello di Chiari
Assistants: Sanfino di casale; Shahini of Asti

Ammonite: Anselmo (ACF Alessandria); Bonissone (Friendship Lagaccio)
Expelled: Zella (ACF Alessandria) 6 'st

Simona Borelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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