Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Juventus - Empoli

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Juventus - Empoli 1 - 1
At the Torino field of Strada Delle Cacce there is an Empoli decided to confirm its leadership in the standings but is faced with a Juventus who must redeem the poor performance of the Derby last Sunday and, above all, keep the necessary distances from the relegation zone. You have to wait for the 9 'of the first half to see a conclusion on goal and is of Juventus brand with Trapani that tries from distance with a shot without too many claims, to the XNXX' still Trapani from outside, this time the aim is right but not Baldi it is surprising and deviates in the corner; from the shot from the flag the defense blue rejects again in the corner where Sottil hits with a stretched cross for Mondino that, on the fly, hits the crossbar in full, the ball returns to the field where Basta fits perfectly and bags the 11 1. 0 'punishment Empoli, Venturini's head puts out not much. 14 'Shot from outside Cinotti, Milone's parade is easy. 16 'corner kick short of Mondino on the feet of Mastalli who does not pray and marks the draw: 27 1. 1 'Descent on the front right wing of Empoli di Di Lupo who puts in the middle for Mastalli shooting high. 29 'Drums weak from the 35 meters, Baldi is there.
The referee Bullaro, after a minute of recovery sends everyone in the locker room.
We start again with beat and slam on two fronts at slower pace: 47 'Capello tries from long distance, out. 55 'Benatello in the race tries to find the door but can not find it. 80 'The new entry Esperti also takes part in the festival of shooting from outside, very high. 86 'Venturini's three-quarters punishment, aiming at the door, Milone's good response.
If the Bianconeri girls, in the continuation of the championship, will always face with this spirit and this conviction the races still to be disputed, salvation will not be a problem, Mr. Pecchini will have to work on this and, when the injured will also return, this belief will be even greater.

Juventus: Milone, Basta, Tomei, Drammis, Longhin, Trapani, Capello, Benatello, Mondino, Mancuso (41 'st Falcone), Sottil. A disp .: Cupoli. Nicastro, Fasella. All. Pecchini

Empoli: Baldi, Di Guglielmo, Venturini, Galluzzi (9 'st Acuti), Ferrara (11' st Borghesi), Mastalli, Di Lupo, Meropini (33 'st Experti), Parrini, Morucci, Cinotti. Available: Caucci, Mannucci, Landi. All. Pistolesi


In the photograph: Teresa Basta

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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