Monday, May 11 2015
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The derby goes to Turin

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Turin - Juventus 1 - 0
A Juventus wacky and careless grants a cynical and ruthless Turin to make full booty with the only shot on goal made throughout the race by the usual Ponzio who does not waste the only playable ball had between the feet. Juventus starts well and forces the grenade into his own half to play in the garage, at 15 'Longhin slips on wet ground and unintentionally serves Barberis launching Ponzio in the Juventus area, Drammis recovers and foils the danger; this is the only attack action of Torino in the first half after which the Juventus error festival begins: At the 24 'Capello has the ball on the right but badly wasted, 27' Drammis launched on the right comes to you for you with the grenade goalkeeper and hit it in the middle with a right-footed shot, 28 'Capello enters the opponent's area from the left side and hits the upright diagonally, 33' Mancuso launches Sottil that at the full grenade area devours the advantage, at the 37 'Capello tries from outside the area but Raicu deflects in the corner, the 41' is whistled a very doubtful offside to Benatello launched on the net, the 43 'still Drammis in pressure on the opposing defense that foils.
The first fraction of the game closes on 0 to 0 with a clear bianconeri supremacy. It resumes with the same monologue, at the 7 'corner of Sottil, the ball climbs over all and arrives at Basta, with a bare door shoots high, at 8', shows Turin with Crisantino, served by Ponzio side kick , at 21 'Torino unexpectedly passes in advantage with the usual Pontius that a mess in the Juventus area is on the feet good ball and not waste, at this point the girls Juventus attack head down in search of the deserved break by giving the Turin a single sortie counterattack with Barberis that touches the doubling to 31 ', the 36' is expelled Aghem for the sum of yellow cards, the 37 'Capello hits the crossbar on a free kick and the 47' Capitan Mondino tries outside but kicks to the side of little.
The Torino resists and brings home key 3 key salvation Juventus, while maintaining the advantage in the standings, wasted a wonderful opportunity to stretch on direct opponents. Next Sunday will be the Empoli leaders to visit Juventus trying to maintain the record.

Turin: Raicu, Lupi, Di Piero, Nicco, Aghem, Barberis, Rinero, Malara (32 'st Tamburini), Ponzio, Crisantino, Gonnet. Available: Steri, Schirri, Toniolo, Oberoffer, Lombardo. All. Campanile

Juventus: Milone, Basta, Tomei, Drammis, Longhin, Trapani (24 'st Devoto), Capello, Mondino, Mancuso, Benatello (1' st Cupoli), Sottil (42 'st Nicastro). Available: Rusolo, Cardone, Falcone, Fasella. All. Pecchini

21 'St Ponzio networks


In the photograph: Angela Drammis

Enrico Manassero
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