Sunday, November 17 2019
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Alessandria - Oristano

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The seventh day of the first round, at the Campo Comunale Ex Casermette, sees opposing ACF Alessandria and ACF Atletico Oristano.
The November 25 was the International Day of the Fight against Women's Violence, and the Women's Football Department, under the aegis of the National Amateur League - always attentive to every instance of equality and respect for rights - organized for this weekend a series of activities throughout the national territory aimed at raising the awareness of the greatest number of people on this delicate topic.
Before the beginning of the whistle, a text concerning the initiative was read by the Captains Amandola and Carta; all the athletes wore a red ribbon on their wrists as a symbol of participation in this fight.

The match begins at a fast pace and at the 8 'it is Zella who takes the advantage of the Alexandria: tow and place the ball under the crossbar, 1 at 0.
At the 12 'Mattana arrives in the area and Asteggiano intervenes.
At the 20 'Soragni flies on his belt and shoots the ball behind Langella, 2 to 0.
At 23 'a beat and beaten in the area of ​​the Oristano, born of a beautiful opening of Soragni in favor of Captain Amandola, who reimpossess the ball and throws it at the door: Langella rejects but is inside the goal line and the assistant reports it: assigned network, 3 result to 0.
At 26 'Zella's free-kick from three quarters for Devecchi who commits Langella.
At the 32 'is Soragni that from the band, after unmarked, crosses for Captain Amandola and tows to the bag bags scoring his shotgun, despite the attempt in the dive of Langella.
At the 35 'Soragni, undisputed mistress of his band, arrives near the door and puts the ball in the seven of the opposite pole, bringing the result on 5 0.
At the 41 'the Director of the race following a foul in the area of ​​Devecchi, indicates the disk: is responsible for beating the penalty D'Ancona that bag the ball behind Asteggiano, 5 result to 1.
At 42 'Zella, abundantly out of the area, he shoots the ball that ends in the net with precision, 6 result to 1.
At the 44 'Soragni fixed the partial on 7 to 1 thanks to his personal hat-trick.
The second half sees the Sardinian team that, not at all intimidated by the partial, tries to push the game and that attempts dangerous actions, for example at the 3 'the counterattack of D'Ancona is neutralized thanks to the intervention of the entire defense department grigionero.
At the 9 'Bergaglia crossed for Amandola, Tola E. intervenes that in an attempt to foil the action throws the ball into the net, inevitable despair on the part of the player supported by a spontaneous applause of the public.
At the 16 'Carta manages to free himself from the marking and is face to face with Asteggiano who foils his feet.
At the 17 'Langella with a spectacular shot of a kidney manages to raise over the crossbar a vigorous shot of Soragni.
At the 21 'Carta turns the game in favor of Mattana, who cutting behind the defense manages to cross the second pole by inflating the network of landlords with a powerful shot: 8 result to 2.
At 37 'White throws the ball on the opposite pole mocking Langella; network with dedicated to a special person by a moved Emanuela.
At the 39 'Bergaglia serves the ball at the time Capitan Amandola who heads his hat-trick.
Final result 10 to 2.
It should be noted that the Oristano was presented in Alessandria with some defections, in fact the staff was reduced to the indispensable: 11 kickers. We must also, in fairness, also acknowledge that the Sardinian extreme defender of today's match was not the injured Fazio holder and awaiting medical checks.
The reading of the Mister Cantone match is as follows: "The Oristano is a tough team by reading the standings: three wins and three losses. The final result could not be discounted. In reality it was a downhill game, we were favored by absences in the Sardinian ranks. I give credit and honor to the opposing team for pushing for 90 minutes without giving up, even more appreciable the fact that despite the heavy result the girls of Mister Secci have not thrown the game on the physical plane nor have become overwhelmed by nervousness. Nice game, a lot of football played, zero cards. "

ACF Alessandria: Ascone, Anselmo (Zecchino 29 'st), Devecchi, Soragni (Garavelli 21' st), Marinoni, White, Capra, Zella, Acolytes (Bergaglia 39 'st), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Minato, Schiavi, Marigonda. Coach: Canton

Atletico Oristano: Langella, Ledda, Pinna, Esu, Tola E., Carta, Mattana, D'Ancona, Tola V., Congia, Podda. Coach: Secci

Markers: Zella (A) 8 'pt; 42 'pt - Soragni (A) 20' pt; 35 'pt; 44 'pt - Amandola (A) 23' pt; 32 'pt; 39 'st - Tola E. (O) you authorize 9' st; White (A) 37 'st; D'Ancona (O) 41 'pt Penalty; Mattana (O) 21 'st

Race director: Calefati di Saronno
Assistants: Benou, Nespolo of Alessandria

Simona Borelli

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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