Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Juventus - Lagaccio friendship

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Juventus - Friendship Lagaccio 2 - 1
The women's Juventus is back to victory in a hard-fought race that sees the two teams colliding mainly in midfield. On the Juventus side, we saw that determination and the desire to win that, perhaps,

had been missing in the last few days (apart from Saluzzo), the Ligurians, for their part, proved to be a tough and well-placed team in the field of coach Napoli who relies heavily on midfielder launches for the excellent Del Francia and Bargi. However, the first action of attack is of Juventus brand with Capello who, at the 9 'wins and takes a free kick on three quarters: good aim but not strength and Stevanin neutralizes without problems. At the 12 'the Ligurian advantage: Del Francia takes a free-kick on the right side of the Genoese attacking front (a sort of wide corner), a mess in the bianconeri area and the ball rolls into the goal with a deviation of Bargi 0 - 1. 13 'Shot from outside the area of ​​Sottil that seems to be headed in the seven to the left of Stevanin but, the far defender flies and deviates on the crossbar. 24 'A fine opening by a Ligurian midfielder for Del Francia who, having reached the edge of the area, explodes with a beautiful right foot, Milone is there and is not surprised. 24 'beautiful soft ball of Capello for Benatello that, two steps inside the area, finds the coordination but comes out a shot to forget. 42 'free-kick from the edge of Sottil aimed in the low corner that makes the Bianconeri bench shout to the goal but, Stevanin performs the miracle and gets to divert for a corner. The first portion of the game ends with the Genoese leading 1 at 0.

Second half. 51 'still a launch of the Ligurian midfield for Bargi that comes face to face with Milone, the bianconero goalkeeper foils outgoing. 53 'Trapani gets into the chair and takes the ball on three quarters, jumps 3 dribbling opponents and strikes Stevanin with a nice platter in the left corner 1 – 1. 65 'Capello's great shot from outside the box to the side a little. 75 'Punishment of Trapani from the limit that goes beyond the barrier but also the goal. 84 the release of Milone on Del Francia launched on the net, the bianconero 1 number also grants dribbling on the Genoese attacker. 92 'It seems that the game has nothing more to say and that it is destined for a final draw but by a short rejection of Lagaccio's defense Capello draws the joker and pulls towards the Ligurian goal, a mocking lob comes out that leaves no way out for extreme opponent defender, 2 at 1 and joy Juventina explodes.
We asked Mr. Pecchini an impression on today's race. "Three important points in the key of salvation and an excellent signal from my players that on Sunday they will have to face an equally important derby as a direct confrontation for the stay in Serie B".

Juventus: Milone, Basta, Tomei, Drammis (42 'st Cardone), Longhin, Trapani, Capello, Mancuso, Benatello (26' st Fasella), Mondino, Sottil (34 'st Devoto). To avail. Rusolo, Falcone, Nicastro, Chiavicatti. Att. Pecchini

Lagaccio Friendship: Stevanin, Piombo, Pittavino, Bonossone, Cerruti (41 'st Nasso), Baghino (21' st Licco), Cereseto, Brucci, Bargi, Fish (14 'st Toomey), Of France. To avail. Accardo, Minopoli. Zambon, Merler. All. Napoli

Ammonite: Fish (L), Trapani (J)


In the photograph: Serena Capello

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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