Saturday, October 19 2019
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Novese - Alessandria

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Novese - Alessandria 3-1

The sixth day of group A includes the derby of the teams from Alessandria that is played at the Girardengo municipal field of Novi Ligure.

In the stands there is a large audience composed of fans belonging to both fans.
The first half sees the teams pushing immediately, in fact at the 7 'after a good disengagement, Soragni tries the cross for Amandola.
Immediate change of front and all'8 'is Fanton that seeks the second goal post defended by Asteggiano.
At the 11 'Montecucco takes a corner that crosses the area and Levis heads it, but finds Anselmo who saves.
At 12 'Zella crossed three-quarter for Barbesino, but Olivetti anticipates and steals the ball.
At 15 'Captain Amandola steals ball to Dragons and crosses for Devecchi that from an excellent position obliges Olivetti to the intervention.
At the 23 'is the Captain of Novese Di Stefano who kicks a cross that lands above the door.
At the 31 'a precise game action between Di Stefano and Montecucco brings home advantage: Di Stefano covers the ball at his foot and manages to free himself from the markings, meanwhile Montecucco overlaps and cuts, Di Stefano serves and Montecucco, with a powerful shot, he grabs the second pole.
At the 33 'attempt of response dell'Alessandria triggered by Acolytes passing ball on the opposite side to Zella, who crossed for Barbesino header, but the ball ends outside.
At the 36 'Levis tries the solo and kicks centrally finding Asteggiano watchful.
At 38 'a good exchange between Zella and Acolytes obliges Olivetti to get out of the posts.
At 44 'Zella kicks directly into the goal, Olivetti para and does not hold back the ball back in play, the accurrent acolytes takes advantage of the opportunity and manages to let the ball filter through the post and the goalkeeper: draw!
The teams go to rest on the result of 1 to 1.

Start the second fraction and in the time an amen Montecucco marks his double: it is the second minute of the second half when Fanton brings ball on the wing and needs a good ball to Montecucco that bag.
The grainy reaction does not wait and at the 3 'Captain Amandola serves Soragni that
kicks by obliging Olivetti to dive.
At the 4 'is Acolytes who cuts for Soragni, again Olivetti intervenes.
At the 9 'Fanton, using a cross from Montecucco, looking for the Alexandrian door, but the ball ends out.
At the 15 'Lavarone challenge Asteggiano that is not surprising.
At 17 'Arroyo, entered by a few minutes, exchanges for Lavarone, free at the edge of the area, which this time has the better on Asteggiano swelling the network, 3 result to 1.
At 24 'Arroyo on the development of a counter-attack, he again forced to intervene Asteggiano.
At 42 'Ravera looks for the door with a powerful shot, Asteggiano blocks the ball.
The game ends after 3 minutes of recovery on the 3 result to 1.
Mister Cantone at the end of the meeting admits that "we could not contain the good individuality and the physicality of Novese, while we did not manage to express our game at best. We went from the draw of the first half, which shows a certain balance in the field, to the net defeat. I believe that we must also treasure this result and understand our mistakes; the defeats do not like anyone, but they also serve this. "

FCD Novese: Olivetti, Fanton (Gandini 30 'st), Dragons, Russo, Rigolino, Di Stefano, Lardo, Levis (Arroyo 10' st), Montecucco, Lavarone, Mensi (Ravera 24 'st). Available: Ottonello, Licciardo, Gallo, Rossi. Coach: Low

ACF Alessandria: Asces, Slaves, Acolytes, Devecchi, Capra, White, Soragni, Marinoni, Zella, Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Zecchino, Dabusti, Marigonda, Minato, Violino, Garavelli. Coach: Canton

Markers: Montecucco (31 'pt; 2' st) - N -; Acolytes (44 'pt) - A -; Lavarone (17 'st) - N -
Race director: Corporal of Abbiate Grasso
Assistants: Zouine and Rapelli of Turin

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Enrico Manassero
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