Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Alexandria - Femm. Juventus

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During the fifth day of the Championship, after the daring transfer to the Sardinian ground for ACF Alessandria (where he earned 3 very useful points and the third position in the standings) the gray faces Juventus, also returning from a win (against Musiello Saluzzo).

The final result of this day guarantees the ACF Alessandria the first place in the standings with the Empoli Ladies and the Ligorna; at the end of the game the joy of the Grisonsere was uncontrollable and there were also moments of emotion for the girls, after a lot of work and commitment the emotion won!
At 5 'Zella shoots a free-kick that eludes the four-way barrier, but finds Milone ready to intervene.
At the 10 'Milone comes out and is hit violently in full face by the ball kicked by Soragni, the goalkeeper after the first treatment can resume the game.
At the 19 'from the flag Zella stamps the right trajectory to the ball, Milone in jump with one hand throws the ball into the area.
At the 23 'in the Juventus area there is a beat and replies, Milone intervenes on a tricky ball and does not keep the rapid exchange between attack and defense continues and Soragni has the best bagging behind Milone and unlocking the result in favor of the owner home.
At the 25 'Mondino tries to draw, finding ready Asteggiano that in the dive neutralizes the launch.
At the 27 'Soragni tries to exploit a generous exit of Milone but the Juventus defense intervenes and foils the attempt.
At the 29 'after a good opening of Devecchi's game, Soragni crossed for Capitan Amandola who doubled the result.
It is Benatello who at the 32 'forces Asteggiano to intervene on foot to sweep away the ball.
At the 38 'Soragni is landed in the area by Tomei, the Director of the race, without delay, indicates the disk and draws a yellow card for the Juventus defender. White appears in the presence of Milone, the goalkeeper intuits the trajectory, dives and throws the ball into the corner.
The first half ends on the result of 2 to 0.
The beginning of the second fraction sees the girls of Mister Cantone concentrated and with a good physical condition.
At 3 'Soragni, indomitable, commits Milone.
At the 4 'Barbesino, after sowing all his markers, serves Captain Amandola that with a good header obliges Milone to intervene with his fists.
At the 5 'excellent play by Soragni proposing a good ball to acolytes that comes from the back of the great career, Milone closes the mirror of the door.
At the 12 'the extreme defender Bianconero must intervene in the dive by throwing the ball in the corner to clear a great shot of Amandola.
At the 17 'Soragni shakes the crossbar on the head of Milone, on the rebound timely intervenes Barbesino, but the ball flies high.
At the 20 'from the flag the precise Zella crossed for Soragni that with a header serves Devecchi, Milone is not surprised.
At 24 'Zella shoots a free-kick that deceives Milone who comes out empty, Captain Amandola, well positioned hooks the ball that touches the post.
Asteggiano is called to keep his door inviolate to the 27 'and the 30'.
The game ends with the 2 result at 0.

Needless to say that Mr. Cantone is proud and satisfied with the girls, beyond today's result and position in the standings: "So much work, so much effort, so much effort are bringing satisfaction and motivation to the girls. I'm very proud of all of them. The first time we managed well the territorial prevalence, with the right and clear aggressiveness. The second half started well, but we missed a few too many occasions and at the end we left a little too much space for the opponents, after a game so intense it could be insidious to leave too much freedom of movement. Juventus, despite being newly promoted in this series, presented itself as a fighting team. In my opinion, the best in the field for Juventus was Milone, I consider his performance today as crucial. "

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Anselmo, Soragni (Bergaglia 39 'st) Slaves, Devecchi, Marinoni, White (Capra 43' st), Zella, Acolytes (Zecchino 26 'st), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Minato, Dabusti, Garavelli. Coach: Canton

Juventus Feminine: Milone, Tomei, Drammis, Nicastro, Cupoli, Chiavicatti, Capello, Benatello (Devoto 1 'st), Trapani, Tordella, Mondino, Mancuso. Available: Cardone, Falcone, Fasella, Rusolo, Longhin. Coach: Pecchini

Markers: Sorrounders 23 'pt, Loving it 29' pt
Ammonites: Tomei (J)
Race director: Rizzello di Savona
Assistants: Rivoira di Nichelino, Podda di Collegno

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Enrico Manassero
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