Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Juventus - Musiello Saluzzo

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Juventus - Saluzzo Musiello 6 - 0

Juventus women must move the standings to 0 points to the 3 ° day of the championship, before the race the vice-president of Juventus company Giordano falls in the locker room to ask the girls to take the field with one goal: the victory.
The Bianconeri athletes seem to have fully learned the demands of the management and start immediately putting on the ropes Saluzzo, at the 5 ° minute, opening of Mancuso for Capello that flies to the left and centers for Tordella who bag 1 to 0.
16 ° shot from outside Capello who can not find the door.
19 ° filter of Mancuso for Capello that enters the area with a dry dribble and lightens Malosti for the 2 to 0.
23 ° Chiavicatti opens on the left for Tordella as wing, reached on the bottom center with the tachometer for Capello that devours the 3 to 0.
45 ° perfect filter of Tordella for Capello that enters the area and centers the upright to the left of Malosti.
The first fraction of the game closes on 2 0 for the landlords but, the goal difference could be much wider in favor of the bianconere.
2 ° Trapani, just entered the post or a tired Tomei, from the center area, a sure shot hits the crossbar.
10 ° misunderstanding between Milone and Chiavicatti that threatens the autorete foiled by a great blow of the goalkeeper Juventus, this is the only danger run by the Juventus rearguard.
20 ° Trapani recovers the ball in midfield and serves Capello on the left of the Bianconeri attack front, filtering for Tordella who, with a diagonal dry beats the innocent Malosti 3 to 0.
35 ° Nicastro as soon as it enters fly on the right and center for Tordella who, on the fly, throws a precise shot towards the yellow and blue door, splendid response from Malosti who, for the moment, denies the hat-trick of Juventus.
37 ° from the same corner, beaten by Nicastro, Tordella is coordinated for the volley but suffered the fall of Arnaudo (also deserving the card not shown by the referee), a penalty that drills sharply with a manual execution, left door and ball right 4 to 0.
41 ° now is a shot to the target, Tordella, rebounded, Nicastro, rebounded, Trapani, rebounded, Mancuso goal ... 5 to 0.
45 ° Milone postponed more than half the field, Tordella anticipates the direct opponent and defends the ball, flies to the door and deposits in the network for the 6 0 final.
Beautiful answer from the girls of Mr. Pecchini who declares himself satisfied by the reaction of his players beyond the result.

Juventus: Milone, Basta, Tomei (1 ° st. Trapani), Cupoli (35 st. Nicastro), Chiavicatti, Capello, Benatello (15 st St. Cardone), Tordella, Mondino, Mancuso. Available Longhin, Falcone, Fasella, Campofiorito. Pecchini Coach

Musiello Saluzzo: Malosti, Bongiovanni, Barbero, Arnaudo, Peak, Riba, Inaudi (20 ° st Etzi), Pasero, Martinatto, Civalleri, Marcella (26 ° st Melifiori). Available Dutto, Daniele, Calvo. Bernard coach

Networks: 5 ° pt, 20 ° and 45 ° st Tordella, 19 ° pt Capello, 37 ° st Drills (r), 41 ° st Mancuso.


In the photograph: Federica Tordella

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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