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Novese - Femm. Juventus

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Novese - Juventus 5 - 2
Juventus female falls in the field aware of having to face a team built to aspire to the highest peaks of the league championship series B if not, even to win it and, in the first 20 minutes, it also manages well, keeping up the maneuver and putting in difficulty the opponents so that, at the 10 'of the first half, by an action maneuvered on the left side of attack Juventus, the ball reaches Tordella that, with a delicious lob overrides Rigolino and, outside deposited in the network for the 0 to 1. The Juventus pressure lasts another 12 minutes until the novice Montecucco asserts his talents and bags the tie, put the game in a tie the Novese claims the superior technical rate of many of its elements and, at 28 'on the developments a corner kick, the black and white defense free and serves to Levis who has nothing to do but put on the net: 2 - 1. The scene is repeated at 32 'when a ball spurred by Longhin rises to the bell tower and ends in Lavarone that, guiltily alone, has time to coordinate and beat the fly in goal: 1 - 3. At the 40 'Juventus is seen by the parties of Olivetti with a personal initiative of Sottil that from the edge pulls out a nice left deflected corner by the goalkeeper. The first time closes on the 1 to 3. The recovery starts as the first fraction, Juventus believes it and, at the 3 'Tordella is put down in full area, the race director decides for the penalty that Capello transforms for the 2 - 3, and a joy that lasts 60 seconds, time to put the ball in the middle and Ravera signs the 4 goal for the Novese with a nice diagonal, the rest of the race is the administration for the Novese to report a Capello about punishment after a foul on Tordella at 33 'and the 5 ° goal of the Novese by Montecucco who relies on his class with a nice dribbling in the bianconeri area before signing the final 2 to 5 at 36 '.
We asked his impressions to Mr. Pecchini: - To lose always sorry, but it must be recognized that the opponents today were better; it is necessary to work to face a championship like the one of B that requires high playing rhythms, but a coach must be happy every time his group is committed to the maximum, and I am -.

Novi: Olivetti, Fanton, Ravera, Russo, Rigolino, Ambrosi, Di Stefano, Lavarone (31 'st Mensi), Levis, Montecucco, Lardo (41' St Gallo) All: Fossati

Juventus: Milone, Longhin, Tomei, Basta, Drammis, Chiavicatti (1 'St Benatello), Capello, Mondino (30' St Nicastro), Tordella, Mancuso, Sottil (1 'St Trapani) All. Pecchini.

Networks: 10 'pt Tordella (J), 22' pt Montecucco (N), 28 'pt Levis (N), 32' pt Lavarone (N), 3 'st Capello (J) (r), 4' st Ravera ( N), 36 'st Montecucco (N)

Ammonites: Longhin and Drammis (J)



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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