Friday, 15 May 2015
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Turin - Alessandria

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The calendar included, for the second day of the Championship, for the Grisonsere the trip to Pianezza, where the Mandrogne played against Torino.
The first minute of play has not yet expired from the kick-off when Acolyte wins a contrast with a grenade defender and needs, with pinpoint precision, Captain Amandola that bags the ball behind Raicu.
At the 3 'minute it is again of Acolyte assists for White that hooks on the fly, but the ball ends out.
At 10 'Asteggiano is called to intervene to solve a misunderstanding of the gray defense and with Ponzio in ambush.
At 13 'Zella shoots from the corner to find Barbesino ready but he throws the ball over the crossbar.
At the 15 'White offers a good ball to Soragni, the latter obliges Raicu to the intervention in the dive but does not hold the ball and sends it in corner; Zella is responsible for kicking the flag, Devecchi has the best in the scrum and doubles the result.
The goalkeeper grants a foul on White in the area, the Director of competition extracts the yellow card for the goalkeeper and decrees the penalty kick, 18 'Amandola takes charge from the penalty spot: Raicu can guess the trajectory and slash the ball in corner.
At the 19 'Captain Amandola, is made to forgive by his companions, and with a masterly overthrow pierces the goalkeeper.
At the 40 'Soragni steals the ball with a touch of the head and, after crossing three quarters of the ball at the foot, crosses for Amanda that serves Zella which triangles back in favor of the captain who seeks the door, but the ball parades above the crossbar .
The first half ended with the result of 0 to 3.
At 4 'Crisantino dangerously creeps into the penalty area of ​​the Alexandria, Asteggiano saves the poles with an exit of punches.
At the 8 'minute of the second half White, at the end of a personal play, the power marks the fourth network for the Grisonsere.
At 19 'Devecchi obliges Raicu to dive.
At 33 'a tough game clash between Aghem and Amandola, in fact the health care workers; fortunately the two players leave the field autonomously, but Captain Amandola must stop on the bench for the aftermath of the clash.
At 37 'Soragni crosses for Bergaglia that directs the ball to the outside of the pole.
At 40 'following a foul committed by Soragni, Ponzio can pull a free-kick from the edge of the area, Asteggiano in the dive neutralizes him.
Redemption match for the girls of Mister Cantone, after the non-exciting performance last Sunday. The Alexandrian Technician admits "You begin to see the fruits of the work that takes place with seriousness and effort during the week and today's approach is certainly the correct one; we still have to work a lot, but playing like today with conviction and concentration we are able to demonstrate what our value really is. "
Express satisfaction at the end of the race also by the Sports Director Violin, who admits he saw a good game, played with more conviction by the Alessandrine, who deserved the final result.

Turin: Raicu, Di Piero, Lupi, (Toniolo 1 'st), Barberis, Aghem, Rinero (Tamburini 17' st), Nicco, Gonnet, Pontius, Crisantino (Bonanno 25 'st), Malara. Available: Liberti, Oberoffer. Coach: Bell tower

ACF Alessandria: Asteggiano, Schiavi, Anselmo, Devecchi, Bianco, Soragni, Marinoni, Zella, Acolytes (Zecchino 25 'st), Amandola (Bergaglia 33' st), Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Capra, Papeleo, Dabusti, Garavelli. Coach: Canton

Markers: Amandola (1 'pt); Devecchi (15 'pt); Loving it (19 'pt); White (8 'st)
Ammonite: Raicu (T); Barberis (T); Soragni (A); Amselmo (A)
Race director: De Angeli of Milan
Assistants: Di Fazio of Turin, Cena di Chivasso

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