Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Caprera, after the Italian Cup, again in the field against Atletico Oristano

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0Caprera Oristano

After the defeat on the Lagocco Friendship field, the Caprera will face the Atletico Oristano in just a few weeks. The latter eliminated her from the Italian Cup, drawing (1-1) in the first leg and then winning in the return leg for 5-0. The two teams that have changed skin this season know each other and that's why the girls of Mr. Giorgi will not want to commit the mistakes made in the return race.
The injured Cutillo and Lupo will not be in the race, waiting for the entity and the recovery times for the respective knee injuries suffered in the race with the cousins ​​of the Christian. He will team up with Grassino in attack Petraglia who has behaved well on his debut against the friendships Lagaccio.
The race between Caprera and Atletico Oristano was anticipated at 14.00 to meet some needs of the host training.

Sunday 9 October 2016 - Second Day (15 hours)
Pool A
Novese-Juventus Turin (Luca Calvi of Bergamo)
Molassana Boero-Musiello Saluzzo (Michele Baschieri of Lucca)
Caprera-Atletico Oristano hours 14 (Ruben Celani of Viterbo)
Lucchese-Friendship Lagaccio (Silvia Gasperotti from Rovereto)
Turin-Alessandria (Luca De Angeli of Milan)
Ligorna-Empoli Ladies (Edoardo Papale di Torino)

Caprera press office

Enrico Manassero
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