Monday, January 20 2020
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The season of Napoli Carpisa Yamamay starts from the 28 August

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napoli inizio16The pre-season retreat under the orders of coach Marco Mazziotti and athletic trainer Felice Di Maio will be held at the San Germano sports complex in Agnano from Monday 29 August at 10.00 to Friday '8 September.
Sunday 28 August 10.00 hours at the headquarters of Agnano Dama Club via Contrada Pisciarelli n.8: medical examinations, delivery of sports materials and competition for the Italian Cup that will be held at the Denza di Posillipo at 17.00 with the Rome XIV.

Call for 28 August Day:
Ventresino Alessia, Di Marino Paola, Iorio Flavia, Musella Katia, Schioppo Manuela, Esposito Valentina, Papillo Anna, Pezzella Alessandra, Lombardi Ilaria, Grazioso Daniela, Esposito Roberta, Criscuolo Simona, De Biase Benedetta, Russo Mary, Cafiero Anna, Lanzetta Chiara, Esposito Luisa, Massa Azzurra, Volpe Sabrina and Tagliaferri alessia.

On 31 August they will join the squad: Asta Giulia, Sautto Rachele, Romeo Milena, Merkelia Victoria, Zangari Valentina and Rudina Giulia.

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