Sunday, November 17 2019
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Cuneo - Como

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COMO 2000 2
Another last minute draw for the Cuneo Calcio Femminile, which after grabbing the 1-1 last Saturday in Rome at the 91 ', is also repeated against the Como, signing the 2-2 at the 92', after having been under two networks.

Third consecutive useful result for the red and white who remain among the 6 teams involved in the play out, but that today, having 22 points, 11 more than Luserna and Chieti, Terzultime, do not dispute the play out, given the new modes of this 'year for the play out recite that with 7 points more you have the salvation without going from the playoffs.
Under a pouring rain, which does not allow good game plots for the weighted field, the Cuneo already go in the first fraction under a network, to sign it to the 27 'the former on duty Katia Coppola, good to pierce with a diagonal to pole of Ozimo.
In the second half the Cuneo tries immediately in the first few minutes to regain the game, but the bad luck denies the goal to Sodini (cross) and, on the retort in Mascarello, which hits the post. Still deals with Mascarello, but his header ends directly in the arms of Ventura.
On a field loosened by rain it is not always easy to be precise in the passages and here comes some mistakes in defense, but Ozimo is careful to save and deflect in corner for three times shots of Ambrosetti and Coppola. After a cross hit by Gritti is however the same Coppola at 78 'to sign the goal of 2-0 that seemed to put an end to the match; but ten minutes from the end the Cuneo rises: Iannella shooting from a tight angle, the goalkeeper is deceived by Sodini who pounced on the ball in split but without touching it and the ball slips behind Ventura. Once time has passed, on a corner kick beaten by Mascarello is still Iannella to sign the 2-2 in a melee in the area. Exultance in the field and on the stands of Paschiero for an exciting match especially in the second half.
The only discordant note is the expulsion of Eleonora Piacezzi by now a few words too much with the opponents, who unfortunately will have to skip the next game away the 22 April against Jesina.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Ozimo, Red, Oliviero, Nietante (1 'st Franco) Piacezzi, Armitano, Mellano, Errico, Mascarello, Sodini, Iannella. Available: Triolo, Daniele, Magnarini, Ferro, Colombero Coach: Petruzzelli Gian Luca.

Como2000: Ventura, Cascarano, Previtali, Stefanazzi, Fusetti, Merigo (1 'st Brazzarola), Brambilla, Ambrosetti, Gritti, Postiglione, Coppola (45' St Cambiaghi). Available: Nascamani, Presutti, Talarico, Di Lascio, Ferrario. Negri Giovanni coach.



Easy victory for Cuneo on the last day of the championship away in Cabella Ligure, near Novi Ligure, against Novese. Despite numerous absences, the red and white were imposed for 4-1 with a double by Marta Eletto and networks of Carlotta Ferro and Chiara Colombero.
A little 'regret for the season finale, concluded only 3 points from the summit behind Juventus and -1 from Luserna. Fatal was the defeat for 1-0 at 87 'against Juventus two weeks ago. Despite this the biancorosse have played a good championship, making so many 2002 debut in this category. Now space for spring tournaments.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Evening, Paprika, Hairy (46 'Pisu), Teixeira, Landra, Iron, Airola, Racca, Elected, Colombero, Giordano (46' Capurro). Coach: Capurro Gian Paolo.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

Enrico Manassero
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