Monday, January 20 2020
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Defeat with honor for the Chieti Calcio Calcio in Verona

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The Chieti Calcio Femminile comes out defeated with the honor of weapons from Verona: it was an important match for the neroverdi looking for points to move the standings, but unfortunately only applause for the girls who played an open match making life difficult in Gabbiadini and companions for a good part of the ninety minutes.
Verona starts well and in the first minutes of the race it becomes dangerous with Piemonte and Boattin.
Still the landlords in attack with Giugliano that on assist from the band of Pasini shoots high from a good position.
But it is the Chieti to go by surprise ahead of 9 ': excellent opening Vicchiarello for Marinelli who flies and puts in the center a ball that finds the unfortunate detour of Di Criscio that displaces his goalkeeper Thalmann.

At this point the Veronese pressure becomes even more continuous.
Vicenzi is miraculous in repelling the shot from close position of Giugliano.
Verona insists and Di Criscio on the development of a corner kick raises his aim too.
Still Vicenzi protagonist first out low on Gabbiadini and then on Giugliano.
The draw is in the air and arrives punctually to the half hour: Galli imposed for Gabbiadini that from the bottom serves an inviting ball in the middle for Giugliano who only has to push it into the net.
Before the interval Marinelli has an excellent opportunity to take the lead again in Chieti but his attempt to lap ends out.
So you go to rest on the 1-1.
The recovery is still open in the sign of Verona: the ball of the 2-1 happens on the feet of Piedmont, however, on support Giugliano slips when it is time to conclude.
Shortly after the new entrance, Osetta severely commits Vicenzi to the difficult corner deviation.
At the 10 'Verona took the lead with Giugliano who flashes vicenzi with a blow from the outside that slips into the lower corner of the door.
The Gialloblù find the 3-1 network two minutes later with Piemonte good to cross on the far post where Vicenzi can not reach.
The Chieti does not give up and before you see a penalty refused by the referee (handball of a player from Verona to many appeared net), then shortens the distance to 19 'with the former round Riboldi, caught very well by Mariani, just entry into the Thalmann dry area.
An action in melee in the neroverde area puts the door of Vicenzi back in jeopardy, but it all ends with nothing.
At the 28 'Galli leaves in speed and takes out half-defense guest, but his conclusion is rejected by Vicenzi.
Even Gabbiadini devours an easy opportunity when alone in front of Vicenzi puts incredibly to the side.
Still the Veronese captain tries with a nice round shot that hisses the far post.
At 41 'the greek Kongouli, entered the field by a very short, serves a great ball to Boattin that scores the goal that closes the game.
At the end of the game the Greek literally eats the 5-2 network by putting on the side of Vicenzi in a desperate exit.
It ends 4-2 for Verona: for the Chieti Calcio Femminile the consolation of having played an excellent race.

AGSM Verona-Chieti: 4-2

AGSM Verona: Thalmann, Galli, Di Criscio, Gabbiadini, Giugliano, Boattin, Pasini (31 'pt. Osetta), Piedmont (38' St. Kongouli), Rodella, Ambrosi (42 'St. Poli), Pavana. A disp .: Fenzi, Franco, Poli, Gobbi. All .: Longega Renato.
Chieti: Vicenzi, Di Camillo Giada, Di Bari, Vicchiarello, Marinelli, Di Camillo Giulia, Stivaletta, Mariani (22 'St. Mark's), Carrozzi (36' St. Nozzi), Riboldi, Innerhuber. A disp .: Benedetti, Copia. All .: Di Camillo Lello.
Referee: Julio Milan Silvera (Valdarno)
Assistants: Nicola Santi and Filippo Castagna.
Marking machines: 9 'pt aut. Of Criscio, 30 'pt Giugliano, 10' st Giugliano, 12 'st Piedmont, 19' st Riboldi, 41 'st Boattin
Notes: artificial grass land, day with alternating clouds and sun, pleasant temperature. Spectators: about 300. Recovery: 1 + 3.

"We had a good approach to the match, we played it on a par.
In the first twenty minutes there were a couple of chances to surprise our opponents and in one of these we scored. The goal came from an excellent restart of Marinelli well launched by Vicchiarello who did a great job and a great game. Their draw came just before the end of the first half. We also had the chance to score another goal with Marinelli, whose round shot touched the intersection of the poles. Unlike the other times there was no drop in concentration or physical, we returned to the field well.
To the team I can only reproach that, having taken the goal of the 2-1, had a moment of displacement and a bit 'of lightness in granting the third goal, you could defend a little better.
Then the girls were stopped a couple of times unfairly by the linesman, there was also a resounding handball not reported on the 3-1 in the Verona area.
Riboldi scored a nice goal well served by Mariani. On the 3-2 we still played at the same risk risking everything, they have almost scored another network, but we also went close a couple of times. It was a fairly balanced match with a lot of reversals in front, then four minutes from the end the Verona caught the joker closing the accounts.
I have a certainty: I have nothing to reproach the girls who went on the pitch, they showed me to want to fight until the last minute and I will do it with them until the end.
Calendar to the hand you can get to the playouts and the team has proved to me that he wants it strongly with me ".

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero victory
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