June 11, 2015
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Cuneo - Tavagnacco

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A victory of character, grit and heart that of the red and white against Tavagnacco who redeem the heavy ko suffered in the first leg.

Three important points, first of all for the classification, also thanks to the results of direct pursuers and for the morale in view of the delicate trip to Rome next Saturday.
Petruzzelli must renounce to Magnarini, a precautionary stop in the pits, but present on the bench in the company of Franco, by service, used in the last quarter of an hour.
Nietante in the field since the first minute, author of a good performance and the two national Piacezzi and Mascarello.
Domination of the red and white, in the first half with the Friulians remained practically at the window. They try in order to undermine the host rearguard, Iannella (11 '), Piacezzi (20'), Sodini on corner with Ferroli smanaccia and in the final again Iannella, this time head. The girls of Cassia are only seen at half an hour with a penalty of Brumana ended up very high.
The recovery is much more exciting with the red and white immediately ahead with Sodini, the assist of Nietante is perfect and the bomber overcomes with a mocking lob Ferroli (47 ').
The network further charges the landlords who go to the 52 'close to doubling with Errico, but Ferroli is not surprising. Sodini and companions press on the accelerator and the 54 'is Sandy Iannella to call overtime the host defender.
At the moment of greater pressure from Cuneo, the guests reached a draw with captain Brumana (55 ').
The cuneesi readily raise the head and it is Oliviero well served by Sodini to fail the 2-1 shooting out (66 ').
On the other front Clelland substituted in Pochero immediately stands out, Ozimo is careful and deviates in the corner (67 '). On the subsequent corner Frizza is centrally built and the number one of the house neutralizes with confidence.
The Cuneo presses and at 70 'returns to the advantage with Mellano, unleashed on the wing, to frame the network of the former Saluzzo, the first in Serie A, the result of a mix of technique with the final dribbling in the strait, face to face with Ferroli and coldness under the door.
The cuneesi not yet dome sting again with Iannella, whose conclusion ends to the side.
The reaction of Tavagnacco arrives at 85 'with Clelland who finds on his way an excellent Ozimo.
Unique thrill at 89 'with Del Stabile losing the moment and the ball ends up in the arms of Ozimo.
After the fright, the red and white keep in check Brumana and companions until the final whistle that occurs at the 94 ', at the end of the four minutes of recovery assigned by the race director.
Saturday external commitment difficult in that of Rome against the Res, the formation that the past gained in size (1-0) the Fratelli Paschiero.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Ozimo, Rosso, Nietante, Piacezzi, Oliviero, Armitano, Mellano, Errico, Mascarello (75 'Franco), Sodini, Iannella. Available: Triolo, Daniele, Magnarini, Spanu. Coach: Petruzzelli.

Tavagnacco: Ferroli, Cecotti, Martinelli, Filippozzi, Frizza, Pochero (54 'Clelland), Sardu, Camporese, Dri, Brumana, Del Stabile. Available: Copetti, Peressotti, Minutello, Cotrer, Pugnetti. Coach: Cassia.

Cuneo Women's Press Office


Enrico Manassero
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