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Graphistudio Tavagnacco - San Bernardo Luserna

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For over 50 minutes S. Bernard Luserna replies to Tavagnacco with a good test from the tactical point of view and the race. The first conclusion is a header by Tudisco on the corner.
They try the landlords with conclusions well controlled by the Russian goalkeeper. Replicas with Barbieri, Pisano and Vivirito without luck. At the 36 'on the cross from the right Clelland is free on the second post but Russo is feline in closing the mirror of the exit door and blocking the ball. At the end of the test Barbieri: high.
Start shooting with Pisano who wastes a free kick from the edge.
At the 7 'st the turning point. Punishment of Camporese (Tavagnacco) from the short side of the area. The outside fort ends on the first pole where our goalkeeper intervenes rejecting: the game seems to continue without any protest from the landlords and the referee intervention. After a few moments the first assistant signals the network, despite being about 40 meters from the action and covered by athletes in the area and the same goalkeeper who has lengthened to foil the threat. Obviously the referee error changes the destiny of the match.
S. Bernard Luserna tries to react but on a wrong support Clelland steals ball to 40 meters from the door, avoids the intervention of Tudisco slipped and points the area where it ends at the end of the pole. 2-0 in three minutes.
Another five minutes and always the vicious attacker ends with a shot at the far post. At 20 'conquers the ball with a dangerous game foul triangulated with a companion and this time from the right crosses the second post.
Numerically heavy result but the first time bodes well for the rest of the season for S. Bernard Lucerne. Next meeting at home with Res Rome.

Graphistudio Tavagnacco: Ferroli, Martinelli, Frizza, Sardu, Tuttino, Clelland, Camporese, Cecotti, Zuliani, Del Stabile, Filippozzi. Available: Copetti, Pochero, Brumana, Veritti, Benedetti

St. Bernard Lucerne: Russo, Favole S., Greppi, Tudisco, Vivirito, Barbieri, A. Fables, Mazzuchetti, Pugliesi, Pisano, Pinna. Available: Serafino, Joly, Genovese, Massarelli, Tosetto

San Bernardo Luserna press office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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