Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Cuneo: Saturday begins the Serie A!

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After the prologue of the Italian Cup on Saturday the Serie A women's championship begins. For the lionesses of the Cuneo home match at 15 hours to the synthetic of Youth Park against the Romagnole of San Zaccaria.
Mr. Gian Luca Petruzzelli and Captain Simona Sodini present us the match.

Start the championship, what are the sensations two days before the race?
Petruzzelli: "The sensations are positive. We are working well during the week. We do not have big problems with the infirmary and we will try to make a great match on Saturday to start the championship in the best way ".

After the victory in the Italian Cup that did not satisfy her to the end, what do you expect from her girls?
P: "I expect answers on the field. Obviously there have been many positive things that we have analyzed during the week and from these we start to face a team of value such as San Zaccaria ".

Take on the San Zaccaria in what seems to be a direct-salvation collision given the format of the Serie A season ...
P: "The format of this championship is complicated and many teams will be forced to fight in order not to recede. It will be a difficult season and I hope it will be exciting for Cuneo. The San Zaccaria has played two championships in Serie A behaving well and is a good team. We will see Saturday if we are able to put them in difficulty and win the three points ".

What are your candidates for the victory of the Scudetto?
P: "I think Brescia, Fiorentina and Verona. Maybe Brescia has something more and is more ready and used to face certain situations and has many players who are in the national team. Fiorentina has built a great team while Verona has taken foreign players to the level ".

And his Cuneo?
P: "We are a newly promoted, we have built a team with many young players and added experience players. We must be humble and prepare the match every week as if it were a final. What I guarantee is my utmost commitment and that of the entire staff to put the team in condition of achieving the set goal ".

The match on Saturday marks the return in Serie A for Cuneo and for you. How do you feel?
Sodini: "Yes, exactly! The debut is still exciting after a year and a half of inactivity. It was already for the Italian Cup, Saturday it will be even more. It will be my twentieth Serie A championship. As for me, the Cuneo will return after a year of B. We will try to debut in the best way with a victory. Emotion aside, we must fight together without leaving anything to chance against a good team like San Zaccaria, trying to be more cynical in port compared to these last two cup races ".

Known faces and many new companions. What environment did you find on your return?
S: "Many new faces that however I already knew and as many known, we amalgamated well and we immediately created a good group that now will have to find again on the field putting into practice what the mister asks".

For a newly promoted the goal is salvation, how will you treasure what happened two years ago?
S: "Yes, newly promoted with a year already of experience in the category. We do not have to make past mistakes, we have to think about game after game and make as many points as possible right away. The league will be more difficult, all the teams can put us in trouble and with all we can lose and win so we have to be very focused and never lose the goal from our head that is salvation ".

Who will win the title?
S: "I think the title will win the team with more organization and cunning in the field. There are several candidates but names are now too early, so good luck to all. This year, more than ever, we could all be winners of this championship. May the best man win".

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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