Thursday, January 12th
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Report Card B

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Fimauto top11 vicenza
Visentini 6,5: very few saves, but two decisive ones
7,5 Magnaguagno: with one of the many offensive raids it is likely to favor the draw of Frighetto, but we must not give much weight. Poker goes down with an amazing goal, which has left everyone speechless
Salamon 6: there are very few risks and when he has to intervene, he does it without any problems
Zamarra 6: together with Salamon, he experiments the 2 defense which becomes 4 if necessary if the two triplets remain low. Very good gallop on the band that put her in a position to serve Hannula for the 6-0
Faccioli 7,5: is almost an attacker added, is very dangerous in front and also finds the goal
Maddalena 6,5: Visentini denies a crazy goal on a free kick, plays well until the substitution for some physical problem
Solow 7: goes well in the game and is very dangerous in the band, find an assist and triggers the action of a brace of Boni
Bardin 7,5: despite the young age, runs, makes play and retrieves balls
Benincaso 8: in midfield, you command her
Frighetto 7: a lot of race in the band, weighs in the fate of the match that goal wrong with you visually with Visentini
Boni 8: the captain finds 3 also important goals for the top scorer, which lead to 4 goal from Merli dell'Orobica, left dry today

Marco Bedin

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report cards
Valpolicella 7,5: moves the ball very well and has more physical energy, but unlike the first leg does not play with the same rhythm. It does not matter, however, comes a victory with a "tennis" result



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