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The 11 Top of the Vicenza - Orobica race.

• Scarmin 7: if Vicenza takes only two goals it is also thanks to him that he closes the door to the many assaults of the Orobica
• Pomi R. 7,5: in the band travels like a train and becomes dangerous even in attack
• 7 Calderaro: always decisive in defense
• 7,5 Asperti: if Pomi is a train, she is a rocket. It goes close to the goal several times (unlucky at the crossbar) and with its speed often puts the opponents in difficulty
• Rigon 7: enter convinced, play well along the band and earn the penalty of the final 2-2
• Maddalena 8: despite occasional sins in trivial errors, shows beautiful plays. After the release of Canella, he takes the captain's armband and in the most delicate moment of the match proves coldness from the 11 meters giving the final draw
• Giacomazzi 7,5: tireless. Very good both in midfield and central defender after the substitution of the biancorossa n.4
• Merli C. 7: gives good ideas to realize to the companions and find the personal goal with a nice diagonal
• Merli L. 7: the top scorer in the championship remains dry, but only because they close the road several times. Make Frighetto sweat
• 7 Calender: as the only point, it is well marked by the two power stations of the Orobica and often "skew" with them. He works dirty and throws himself on every ball. The only flaw is that the ball has lengthened too much the first time and slipped on Salvi in ​​a low grip
• Gaspari 7: find the goal of the momentary 2-1 after not even two minutes that was in the field, along with Luana Merli does work the rearguard vicentina a lot

Marco Bedin

Marco Bedin
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