Thursday, January 12th
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Top 11 Vicenza-Trento Clarentia (3-5-2)

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vicenza top11 trento

  • Rusu 8: Trento almost always pulls from inside the 16 meters and she is always ready to repel. He can not do anything about the goal, but he avoids at least 6-7. As Piccinini would say, "cccezzionale !!!"
  • 6,5 Canella: some smudging for her, but they do not spot a good performance anyway
  • Missiaggia 8: a wall
  • Calderaro 7: after Rusu and Missiaggia, the best of the defensive pack; it is surprising little and always covers well
  • Pomi R. 7: runs a lot and is faster than the opponents in the band; she could have scored her sister first, but an unhappy impact with the ball and a nice goalie parade deny her personal joy
  • From the Santa 7: the best of his, when he catches the ball is always dangerous
  • Giacomazzi 7: even towards the end of the game, part and shoot as if it had just entered
  • Rosa 7: tax and create. Try the goal but is unlucky
  • Pomi S. 7,5: very well along the right, find a masterpiece goal. At the end of the game, the question "How did you score?" Answers wisely with a "I pulled". Double standing ovation
  • Brunello 6,5: haunted door. He tries many times but the ball does not enter even though it always hits inside the 11 meters opponents. Killer instinct was lacking
  • Zordan 7,5: until he comes out of cramps, he is the team's offensive reference point. With cunning, the action of goals is created and transformed

Marco Bedin

Marco Bedin
Author: Marco BedinWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aspiring sports journalist, he follows Verona and Vicenza and takes care of Veneto football



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