Friday, January 24 2020
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Vicenza, champagne football and bolt: 7; Trento, better shooting: 6

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vicenza report cards trento
Vicenza 7:
game not easy but well managed with a good performance to celebrate the mathematical salvation. Today the attack was decisive, making the most of the few opportunities. After a very brilliant first half, in the second half the team was good and lucky to defend themselves and to bring home the 3 points

  • Rusu 8: Trento almost always pulls from inside the 16 meters and she is always ready to repel. He can not do anything about the goal, but he avoids at least 6-7. As Piccinini would say, "cccezzionale !!!"
  • 6,5 Canella: some smudging for her, but they do not spot a good performance anyway
  • Calderaro 7: after Rusu and Missiaggia, the best of the defensive pack; it is surprising little and always covers well
  • Missiaggia 8: a wall
  • Pegoraro 6,5: not being at the top of the form, it is the one that goes most often in difficulty of 4 defense (from 74 ' Lazzari 6: despite the young age (2002 class), he collects another presence in the first team and proves he can do well with the bigger ones with more experience)
  • Giacomazzi 7: even towards the end of the game, part and shoot as if it had just entered
  • Pomi R. 7: runs a lot and is faster than the opponents in the band; she could have scored her sister first, but an unhappy impact with the ball and a nice goalie parade deny her personal joy
  • Calandra, Maddalena 7: they understand well in midfield and they play. They hold on despite some physical ailment (for Calandra, from the 53 ' Frighetto 6: come in to give a little more energy in the band, but the situation does not change much. End the team's offensive team game)
  • Pomi S. 7,5: very well along the right, find a masterpiece goal. At the end of the game, the question "How did you score?" Answers wisely with a "I pulled". Double standing ovation
  • Zordan 7,5: until he comes out of cramps, he is the team's offensive reference point. With cleverness the goal action is created and transformed (from 69 ' Bruzzo 6: enters midfield and proves more useful to the team than usual)

Trento 6: nice in half, from 45 'onwards. After the 2-0 (deserved) of the first half, returns with an evil more but not enough to undermine the defense of Vicenza; the opportunities have been there but have not been exploited properly. It seems that in the second round the team has a bit 'slowed down the salvation achieved without problems and the inability to aim for Serie A

  • Valzolgher SV: he makes a single but beautiful parade, and not too easy. On the first goal was good Zordan to climb it with a lob while it was out in desperation, the only case in which perhaps it was better to be a bit 'lower
  • Ruaben, Busarello 6: little work, they get ready when needed
  • Torresani, Lenzi 5,5: on the goal of the advantage the first misses the surgery and the second one waits too much and gets overwhelmed by Zordan. Few errors throughout the game, but these on the goal weigh
  • Tomaselli 6: very young the n.7 (2001 class), but it makes itself felt in the middle of the field
  • Rosa 7: tax and create. Try the goal but is unlucky
  • Bonents 6,5: he had tried it a few times and in the end was rewarded with the flag net, a pity for her that she arrived too late
  • From the Santa 7: the best of his, when he catches the ball is always dangerous (from 69 ' Dauriz 6: enter with the right desire, but it is not a day for the Trentino strikers)
  • Brunello 6,5: haunted door. He tries many times but the ball does not enter even though it always hits inside the 11 meters opponents. Killer instinct was lacking
  • Tonelli 6,5: before Bonenti's goal, takes a sensational cross after a nice personal action. If Rusu is not put in the middle, destiny will not let us score


  • Ceriello Emanuele 6: English refereeing, some cards would not have been wrong
  • Marodin Marco, Visentin Giovanni 6: right calls on offside

Marco Bedin

Marco Bedin
Author: Marco BedinWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aspiring sports journalist, he follows Verona and Vicenza and takes care of Veneto football



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