Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Vicenza will be better next time: 6,5; Pro San Bonifacio serves more wickedness on the door: 6

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vicenza sanpro report cards
Vicenza 6,5
: a performance definitely better than the last games, especially for the value of the team that has faced. You see improvements, now only need a few points to raise morale

Rusu 7: the opponents kick a few times in the mirror, but when they do (not weakly) always manages to repel
Pomi R. 5,5: often suffers in the band both in speed against Pizzolato and physically with the entry of Perobello R.
Calderaro 6: some mistakes, but many interventions to keep the ball away from Rusu's door
7 Canella: you always find ready and in the second half also saves a goal by stopping in a slip in the middle of the center of the goal line
Pomi S. 7: once the measure is taken, it contains well the strikers of the San Bonifacio (from the 60 'Pegoraro 6: few interventions, but good)
Miss Beach 6,5: very well in midfield because he manages to combine the defensive phase with offensive projections
Maddalena 6: better in the defensive phase than offensive, even if he tries his luck with a nice shot from the outside but wide (from 79 'Calandra 6: it is more loaded than the Duracell bunny ... almost a goal from midfield with an unpretentious shot , saved by Frigotto who showed excessive security in stopping the ball)
Bardin 6: manages to sneak away well in one on one with the opponents trying to put order in midfield
Giacomazzi 6: has good ideas, but sometimes it's a bit 'hurried (from 73' Mazzega 6: enters with grit, but does not find the right support of the companions)
Frighetto 6: given the few actions in front, sacrifices and helps more behind
Bruzzo 5: should be the reference point in attack, but loses many balls making vain red and white reductions

Pro San Bonifacio 6: often takes the ball of the game, but can not close the game permanently. Fortunately for the Veronese, Vicenza can not find the way to draw that would complicate the race more to get into Serie A
Frigotto 5,5: it does very few interventions, but when it does it does not show too much security
Kastrati 6: runs a few dangers with opponents who play less on his belt
Belfanti 6, Casarotto 6: they are always found ready when Vicenza tries to start again
Pinched 7: the goal is his merit with that gallop along the band to sow the opponents. It is often forward and only Rusu denies the goal
Cumerlato, Baldo, Rigon 6: ordinary administration for the three in midfield, always ready to sort the balls (for Rigon, from XNXX 'Perobello ESV: too few minutes played to say his)
Ugly 6: moves between the lines and makes the ball turn well in the three quarters of Vicenza (from 73 'Perobello R. 6,5: immediately enters the game creating two minutes in a minute and converses well with Cavallini doing struggling Vicenza defense)
Cavallini 7: when one says "to be in the right place at the right time". Find a goal from the raptor area and could have doubled if he had kicked better. It is always decisive
Yeboaa 6: create but can not sting. The only time he takes the defense of Vicenza in speed, he ends up too weakly towards the goal (from 60 'Bendinelli SV: he has little impact)

Beretta Andrea 6,5: game easy to arbitrate, no snagging and is just the only card drawn
• Zanin Luca, Porceddu Matteo 6: on the offside, always precise

Marco Bedin
Author: Marco BedinWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aspiring sports journalist, he follows Verona and Vicenza and takes care of Veneto football



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