Monday, January 27 2020
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Top 11 Vicenza - Azzurra (4-2-3-1)

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vicenza top11 blueThe TOP 11 of the Vicenza - Azzurra San Bartolomeo race.

Aliquò 6: nice parade on Frighetto and with other easy interventions, is called into question several times compared to the red and white colleague. He makes some mistakes that luckily his opponents are not able to exploit
Pomi R. 6: part as an external midfield and then lowered in defense to try to contain Battaglioli; he succeeds well enough
Miss Beach 6,5: always an important piece in defense
Leonesi 6: few problems behind
6,5 Varro: very active along the band, even in the offensive phase where he also tries the way of the net with a ball just wide. The card that took Lotto should have taken her maybe
Bardin 6,5: good even today, he juggles with ease in the midst of the adversaries. Only the goal is missing
Pignatelli 6,5: acts as a screen in front of the defense and sets the actions
Barnoldi 6,5: low part, but then begins to get up and create problems for the red and white defense
Frighetto 6: even today does not find the goal for a good save goal of the opponent. In the second half he struggled a bit more, but still plays a good game
Battles 6,5: along the right wing it is almost impossible to move
Pasqualini 7: a thorn in the side of the defense throughout the game. Only the goal was missed

vicenza stats blue

Marco Bedin

Marco Bedin
Author: Marco BedinWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aspiring sports journalist, he follows Verona and Vicenza and takes care of Veneto football



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