Serie B / A, Molassana-Ligorna 0-1, report cards!

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molassana report cards ligorna
: good race, derby lost for a single episode and for the final miracle of Denevi.

Dolphin 6: little committed is always careful and safe. Innocent on the goal endured.
5 well: plays a decent game up to the broken-down entry and in clear delay on Cafferata which costs her direct red.
7,5 Libraries: the engine of the Molassana, as a central defender, always plays with the foot on the accelerator and does not disdain excellent ball and foot raids in the opponent's half. It turns out to be miraculous on the defensive stage when it takes the ball off Cafferata's feet with an extremely difficult operation.
Belloni 7: guide the defense with the usual experience and peace of mind by transmitting security to all the companions.
Cozzani 7: sins of inseperienza but holds great, especially in the first half, two players of the National youth like Cafferata and Fracas. It is undergoing constant growth and continues to do better and better every game.
Zoppi 7,5: with an above-average technical intelligence is found in almost every action. He wins the contrasts with the right competitive and experience wickedness and every ball is his head.
Abondi (81 'Ponzanelli sv.: enter the final minutes to give freshness to the midfield and try to equalize the game).
De Blasio 7: play a game of quality and quantity, playing a large number of balls.
Fernandez 6,5: back to the original right wing position. Try to embarrass the opponent's defense with quick cuts and his technique. If it weren't for a prodigious Napello, at the suggestion of a brilliant Tortarolo, with one of her clever cuts she would have found herself face to face with Cenname.
Canepa 6,5: conquers the expulsion of Cenname and only a prodigious intervention by Denevi denies her the joy of scoring. Among poor precision, little power and merits opponents can never find the way of the network, which however deserves.
Tortarolo 6,5: when he retreats into the midfield circle he handles the ball like a real director. It's a shame, however, that by playing so far back I can't do what I can do, or score. The Fernandez cutting filter is brilliant, well anticipated by Napello. When she arrives in the final 30 meters she must deal with a Lisa Cuneo who does not leave her an inch of space.
All. Berlingheri - 7 Libraries: with a very limited number due to many injuries, they send a combative team into the field that loses the derby just for one episode.

LIGORNA 7,5: if he does not suffer he is not happy. Won a derby stretched and fought thanks to a magic of Teresa Fracas.
Cenname 6: always careful and safe until it is expelled due to a clearly delayed intervention on Canepa outside the penalty area.
Cuneo 7,5: Tortarolo goes to get a sandwich at the kiosk, she is at the cash register. Wherever the local playmaker is, she is a shadow, limiting the play. The matches are not won only with good feet but also with mastiffs.
Phallic 6,5: the arm band does not give it weight and the young class' 99, deployed today at the center of defense, remains always diligent and attentive during the game.
Napello 7: saves the result realizing a filter by Tortarolo for Fernandez and is always careful on defense; in attack it is dangerous on set pieces, in particular on one occasion it becomes dangerous on corner action when heads anticipate all the opponents but places outside.
6,5 cell: good game played with great experience as usual. Too bad for the final admonition that forces her to skip the formidable Novi Ligure trip.
Malatesta 7: the most interesting actions pass and / or arise from his feet. Too bad for expulsion in the final for hinting at a reaction. The red, by regulation, is right but two disqualification days are probably too many for what the referee has seen and written on the score sheet. The rage for the red is however limited by the joy of winning for the second time on two occasions the ex deby against the Molassana, now with the shirt of Ligorna, first with that of Lagaccio.
Bettalli 6,5: good test of the guest player, who sets the game well despite the physicality, experience and quality of the opponent's midfield.
Of Blasi sv: the midfielder's midfielder is forced to forfeit due to an injury suffered during the week and worsened after a conflict with Zoppi (21 'Zero 6: remains out of the initial eleven because of the fever that hit her during the week but Di Blasi's injury forces her to work overtime. Play a sufficient game until Cenname is expelled and she then becomes the sacrificed woman to allow the second goalkeeper Denevi to enter; 64 'Denevi 9: enters a game in progress, cold, in a derby, in numerical inferiority, but despite the sum of these factors keeps the concentration high and above all the head. With a double prodigious intervention at the seventh minute after the ninetieth save the result. At the end of the championship look at how many points Ligorna will have; two (for now) will be donated by this goalkeeper).
6 Calculus: has a tempting opportunity to score thrown face to face with Delfino. Librandi's only way to stop her is to pull her down.
Fracas 8: solves the game with a Eurogol applause, especially for an 2001 class like her. He had already tried it shortly before, but the shot was weak and central. The young national team Under 16 did not give up and tried again ... with a spectacular result!
Cafferata 7: his movements were limited by the defense; arrives in front of the goalkeeper once but falls asleep on the most beautiful, favoring the intervention in slip of Librandi. Brilliant heel assist for Fracas, which then invents a Eurogol. Two pearls in the same action.

All. Morin - Lo Bartolo 8,5
: the outnumbered team scores and defends itself. Even in ten first and in nine then the two coaches, in synergy with each other, manage to tactically field an intelligent team that manages to bring home the victory.

Referee Restaldo of Ivrea 7,5: brings home a game that is not simple, has the courage to pull out three reds and the rules of the disciplinary measures are all right. Also the assistants Grillo and Troina, both from the Genoa section, did well.

Scoreboard of Federico Scarso.
In the photo of Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella ("The Photo-Pair of Female Football") the midfielder Matilde Malatesta, under Ligorna and ex of the match.

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