Saturday, February 22 2020
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Verona not brilliant, but effective: 6; Res Roma shy, reopens the game late: 6

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verona report cards resroma
Verona 6
: it is not particularly bright; dominates the game for a long time, but finding few spaces because the Res Rome closes well in defense. In a game that seemed closed, he risked the joke of a draw on the final, but still comes out with the last 3 points at home. The last game will be away with Cuneo, to defend the 3 ° place from Mozzanica, passed and driven back to -1.

Thalmann 6,5: Rome does not particularly commit it, but it is good to remain calm and stay up to the last on the attempts of Martinovic and Nagni. It still shows great coldness and technique going to recover balls outside the area and jumping the attacker on duty
Rodella 6,5: along the left wing has no competition, not perfect on the final when the opponents break the defense on the break
Boattin 6: today in the central defender version, play 45 'quiet; at the interval is forced to exit the field for some physical problems (from 46 'Pavana 5,5: enters not very convinced)
Of Crime 6: some imprecision, but do not stain a good performance. Engage in beautiful duels with Martinovic
6 blows: it starts right away, a bit of effort on the finish
Galli 6: turns ball and even the goal after a serpentine to sow the opponents, but ends on the bottom
Nichele 6: you always find ready
Crib 6,5: close to the head but Pipitone makes a great parade; serves two assists in Giugliano (from applause the second) and other inviting balloons for the departmental companions
Kongouli 6,5: finally returns to play from the beginning, reinforcing an attack already more than positive Verona. He holds the ball, he plays, but he misses a tap-in to an empty goal that is almost resounding
Piedmont 6: a game available to the companions, could also find the personal goal, but his two attempts are diverted in the corner
Giugliano 7: decides the match with a double that gives the 3 points to his companions. The goal of the advantage is the usual shot from outside the box, the doubling is his very first goal in his career, after a perfect insertion
verona statistics resroma

Res Rome 6: sets the game on the defensive and holds good shocks, the two goals conceded start from single games. It does not sting a lot in attack for almost the entire game and is dangerous especially on the final thanks to an offensive set-up. For the game that we saw, a final draw could have been there; it went well in Verona
6,5 pipitone: makes a great parade on the header of Gabbiadini and easily replies the other assaults of Verona
Novels, Fracassi, Moscow, Spaniards 6: the Roman rearguard is surprising little, apart from the goals where thanks to the merit of Verona, would have been difficult to avoid. (for Spagnoli, from 61 ' Simonetti 6: he takes his to try to straighten the game)
Flags 6,5: among the best of his, promising young, show race and determination. It's good to take the yellow-blue defense off guard and serve an easy easy assist for Martinovic
Coluccini 6: try to get her all the balls in midfield, show a good performance until the exit from the field (from 63 'Simeone 5,5: you see in flashes)
6 peaks: part as a midfielder, in the second half falls in the middle of the defense. Good
Labati 6: on one of the few occasions for his team, he tries from the distance with a powerful punishment, but the ball is out (from 77 'Palombi 6,5: enter to increase the offensive charge of the team.After winning a rebound, is good and lucky to keep control of the ball and serve deep Greggi for Martinovic's goal)
Nagni 6,5: we eat the goal of the possible 2-2 kicking central and favoring the grip of Thalmann, but plays a good game and is often dangerous when the Roma starts counterattack
Martinovic 6,5: clever choice to play on the offside line, pity for her that the defense of Verona moves well and always leaves it in the offside. It takes a warning for protests for the umpteenth raised flag, but redeems itself by shortening the result to the final by supporting Greggi's invitation as an empty goal.

Peletti Stefano 6,5: match conducted well
• Manuel rings, Djordjevic Milos 7: they have a great deal to do with Martinovic who always shoots in doubtful position, but they are good at promptly reporting the offside

Marco Bedin

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