Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Napoli Dream Team - Under 12 Beach Soccer

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VARCATURO (NA) - Last Sunday, a great glance at the Lido Varca d'Oro, with the official presentation of the season of Naples Beach Soccer 2017 that has challenged, in friendly, the team of Lazio Neptune (6-3 final). An event that saw, for the first time ever, even the smallest 12 Under of Naples Dream Team (2004 / 2007 class) of Mr. Roberto Di Stasio, who had fun and have faced, well figured, the same age boys, ranking in third place after having challenged some of the six football schools present at the event such as Pibes, Nausica Soccer School, Pro Football Carpi Qualiano, Real Carditello and Sport Village who, in the end, will win the final for first place and second place).

In the first mini-time (three times by 7 minutes, the final two times by 7 ') against the Pibes, the very small dolphins were imposed for 1-0 when at 5', Penna gets a penalty, then turned with a left dry from La Marca. In the second mini-time, the Pibes equalized the score by winning 2-1: for the Dream Team, at the 3 ', it is Pastore on kick placed to shorten the distance. In the third and final mini-fraction of the game, the match-winner is Barone, when at 2 ', he shoots a perfect free-kick that leaves the goalkeeper with a stone, with an overall 3-2 that has seen the Naples Dream Team excel on the opponents boys.

In the second challenge, Napoli Dream Team was defeated in the presence of Pro Calcio Carpi Qualiano (0-3). In the first mini-time, after the network of opponents of the Pro Football Carpi, for the dolphins Martino is 6 'that could equalize the score, but hits the full pole. The second mini-time is the prerogative of the opponents in the red jacket that take the double advantage (5 'and 6'). In the third mini-time, Napoli Dream Team has the opportunity to score the goal of the flag but Barone sends out a penalty.

The Napoli Dream Team accesses the final for the 3 ° and 4 ° place and gets the better of the Real Carditello with a final 4-3 pyrotechnic. The advantage of the girls of the trainer Di Stasio brings the signature of Penna at the conclusion of a game action (1-0), but there is the immediate equal of Real Carditello (1-1) that also puts the arrow with a penalty generously granted by the referee (1-2). The Dream Team puts things straight away with a great top goal from Aurora Penna (double and 2-2) with overtaking for the Dream Team still with La Marca that has a great left-handed crossover (3-2). Real Carditello regains the match directly on beat (3-3) but, at the end, Denise La Marca (double) gives the third place to his teammates on the spot drawing an unattainable trajectory under the crossing of the poles (4-3) with final party and the smiles of all the families present.

Here are the post-event statements, by the young Roberto Di Stasio satisfied, in his first year at the helm of the young white-blue: "It was a great day of sport but above all fun, where my girls won the third place and they were able to show all their value that was a bit in the shade during the championship, because of opponents too big of age and as inserted in a tournament with boys. Despite the heat and the hot sand, the little ones have never stopped and have obtained this excellent result without sparing themselves: this, demonstrating their innate passion for this sport, regardless of the context and the modalities, is indifferent whether it is on sand , cement or grass, under the scorching sun or with the snow. "

24-La Marca
All. Of Stasio

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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