Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Coppa Italia

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Coppa Italia A B17

Brescia-Tavagnacco and Empoli Ladies-Fiorentina Women's the 2 and 3 June
Rome, 26 May 2017 - The Women's Italian Women's Cup semi-finals scheduled for May 31 have been postponed. Brescia-Tavagnacco will be played on 2 on Friday at 17.30. The Empoli Ladies-Fiorentina Women's derby will be staged on Saturday 3 June at 17.30 at the "Carlo Castellani" stadium in Montelupo Fiorentino (FI).

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Official Verona 1617

The runners go twice for Gabbiadini and Giugliano but are taken back and forth from the Italian Cup after an endless series of penalties.
Tavagnacco and Agsm Verona face each other in the Friuli region in the single knockout round to break the pass for the Italian Cup semi-final. Stefano Ghirardello, on the scaligera bench in substitution of the suspended Longega, must renounce to Boattin, Ambrosi, Meneghini and Pasini, with the young Carolina Poli fielded for the first time in the eleventh owner. The match opens with a very special occasion for the Friulians with Paola Brumana who does not reach the detour from two steps.

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tavagnacco coppaitalia verona

The girls of Mr. Cassia eliminate the scaligere on penalties. Decisive Ferroli's parade on Thalmann's shot. Wednesday the match against Brescia
The great Tavagnacco company, which on penalties eliminates the Italian Cup Verona, detaching, with a win for 9 8 (2 to 2 after the regular time), the ticket to the semifinals. The Friulians will play against Brescia on Wednesday 31 May. The great protagonist of the match is the Scottish Lana Clelland, the author of a shotgun. Serena Ferroli was also a determining factor, as the last penalty gave the semi-final to the Gialloblù.

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Mozz BS Coppa Italia Vale and BonanseaMOZZANICA-BRESCIA-1-3

networks: Alborghetti (M) at 3 ', Sabatino (B) at 15' and at 35 'pt; Apples (B) to 18 'st

Mozzanica (3-5-2): GRITTI; MOTTA, RIZZON, LEDRI; RIZZA, SCARPELLINI (from 21 'st FUSAR POLI), STRACCHI, ALBORGHETTI, TONANI (from 1 'st BALDI); PIRONE, GIACINTI (from 21 'ST PELLEGRINELLI). All. Elio Garavaglia. Available: Capelletti, Pernigoni, Fusar Poli, Locatelli, Pellegrinelli, Baldi.

Brescia (3-5-2): MARCHITELLI; GAMA, D'ADDA, SALVAI; CERNOIA, ROSUCCI, MELE (from 41 'EUSEBIO), GIRELLI, BONANSEA (from 32' ST LENZINI); SABATINO, TARENZI (from 14 'ST FUSELLI). All. Milena Bertolini. Available: Ceasar, Manieri, Ghisi, Lenzini, Tyryshkina, Eusebio, Fuselli.

Referee: Silvia Gasperotti from Rovereto; assistants: Dini and Lanzetta di Lodi.

Note: Hot and humid day. Playground in good condition. Present 300 spectators around. Ammonite: Bonansea (B) 44 'pt and Motta (M) 33' st. 0 '+ 3' recovery.



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